April 6, 2015


Our cute nephew Caden got baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints this weekend! His family came from Seattle to celebrate the special occasion.

We couldn't help but have a plethora of memories from our missions come flooding back as we watched Caden make a special covenant with Heavenly Father! There is always a special spirit at baptism services.We are so grateful for the Gospel in our lives and for the blessings God bestows upon us for striving our hardest to be the best children we can be. We love you and are so proud of you, Mr. C!

March 18, 2015


Once upon a time our mom was the master-mind behind flipping a house. 
She worked her magic & it looks AMAZING.


We wish we had before & after pictures to show instead of just the after because my-oh-my did she have a lot to do! LIKE SERIOUSLY?! It looks great & we totally wish we were moving in. Hopefully when we're old & wise enough to have our own houses, she'll do us a solid & help us make our places look pinterest-worthy, yeah? We'll pray for it.

Happy Flipping!

March 11, 2015


It was cool to have our farewells together and to serve as full-time missionaries together, but the funnest part of it all was being able to report on our missions together! It really was the icing on the best cake we've ever made. :) Of course our mom put together the funnest party afterwards to celebrate with our family and friends.

We already miss Seattle and Vancouver so, so much - but being home - especially being with each other - has been SO much fun! It's like everything is back how it used to be and we just picked up right where we left off! What a blessing. :) Here's to missions, to being twinners, and to many, many more memories to come!

March 2, 2015


Well friends! We are back! We really can't express everything that we have learned or experienced the past 18 months. There really are no words! We are just grateful for the opportunity that we had to serve the Lord in Seattle and Vancouver. Our lives have been changed forever! Our dear friend Lucy Scholl captured the day(s) we came home so perfectly & we figured you should take a look. Again, NO WORDS can express, but videos sure do the trick. ;)


Thanks again, Lucy! We love you!