September 26, 2011

we love the fall

ideal fall outfit
we love when school gets out two hours earlier than normal,
especially when the lady days decide to come.
two extra hours to cuddle on the couch and watch movies.. who wouldn't love that?
anyway, we're really excited for the next coming season.
and for the nanny job that's coming up in a few weeks.
more money to buy the items above and for our sisters trip to Cali.
bring on the fall.


September 24, 2011

out with the old, in with the new.

we figured it was time for a change since we've been through some changes ourselves.

new friends. new blog.

now since we actually like bloggy we'll probably update more :)
{but we still don't have a camera.. hint hint MOM}
so instagram will have to do...

- taryn & taylor

September 18, 2011

a reunion of families.

every year we have a family reunion with my dad's side of the family camping at cherry hill. we're a big bunch so there's plenty of fun all weekend long!

we love our family!

- taryn & taylor

September 11, 2011

for time's sake & laziness, we'll make this brief..

before the day date! first time we'd been ice skating since we were 12.
brynne & paige helped us get ready. where oh where would we be without them?


homecoming was killer.
thanks ben & cade!

- taryn & taylor

September 6, 2011

you know, we really are sorry.

oh. my. word. we've always been good at posting.. until now. people are openly stating the fact that we haven't updated in awhile. we can't believe it's come to this! none the less, there are things to talk about here! even though we've been oh so busy, there are no excuses :)

numero uno. jenSTINK!
he's doing SO well. he was just made a zone leader & only has 5-ish months left! we can't wait to have him home. (p.s. read busy bee lauren's post about the church in her life. love it)


numero dos. we dressed the same... again.

"hey tay, what are you wearing tomorrow?"
"oh... (this)"
"no way.. ME TOO!" great minds think alike, eh?

numero tres. "i'm a rebel!!"

did you know that krispy kreme throws away their donuts at night? & they're completely okay with people dumpster diving & retrieving them? unfortunately other people had the same idea & beat us to it, but once again, we learned that being in a group of girls will always get you prizes. (no sleez intended)

all in all.. we love senior year!
-t squared

can we tell you how much we miss our camera? these phone pics are really crampin our style.