January 30, 2011

nothin but some good competition.

as nelson's, we're automatically programed to be competitive. you can't go to a nelson party with out talk of sports teams & which team is going to win the game that night. every new years day we go to a movie or bowling. on january 1, 2011 i was one of the highest bowlers of the night! i beat 1) jensen. 2) brooks. & 3) MY DAD! that never happens, ever. my dad is good at e-ver-y-thing.

*obviously you don't spell taryn like that.

best day ever!
well last night we went bowling as our last little family night with stinker, (he leaves for montana on monday). let's just say... it didn't go as well as the previous bowling tournament. for starters, taryn was losing with a whompin 15 on frame 6. somehow she stepped up & got a spare & a strike on her next turns. our scores weren't as good as the last time, but taryn managed to pull out of last place. it was fun to spend the weekend with fam before jens leaves, we'll miss him a lot!                                

January 28, 2011

our lives consist of basketball and... basketball.

for 2+ hours, 6/7 days of the week we're doing a whole lot of running. i have a firm belief that if you added up every down & back, every suicide, every drill, it would add up to be at least a 5k. AT LEAST. i'm seriously loving it right now & i'm sad it will be ending soon. today we played provo. the jv game was not as fun as the last time we played them when we won by 20+ points, we still won, but it most definitely wasn't pretty. varsity comes  & it's expected to be one tough game. provo had a couple players who weren't able to play last time & that was a rough game, so this one wasn't going to be any different. false. we KILLED them. i was a little embarrassed that we were still pressing them when we were up by so much & there was a bit of a scuffle going on between some parents, but none-the-less, we won. 3:00 left in the 4th quarter was when coach yelled for taylor & i to sub in. i was scared while taking off my warm-up and thoughts of the lehi game were racing through my mind. i'm gonna embarrass myself like last game, but this time the student body is watching. yikes. once i stepped on the court all those emotions left & i just focused on what i could do to not let my team down. our goal was to hold provo at 32 points and i was scared that i wasn't going to be able to do it. we ran the plays & i had a wide open shot... i took it... it went in. PRAISE! seriously, happiest moment. then we hussled back on d & everyone who was in was playing really hard. tay scored TWICE! now when it says she scored in the newspaper, it will be real. the game ended & the final score was 61-31. we held 'em! we were both sooooo happy, & to make it better, our boys team won too!!
i love basketball!
p.s- if you're interested in a good tear jerker basketball story, read this.

January 26, 2011

read it & weep.

i got an email from MTV & was more than dissapointed. i'm a twi-hard, sue me!! this article was just terrible. the movie was my favorite out of the series & seriously not that bad at all. you can check it out here. grab some tissues because it made me cry.

January 25, 2011

round one of region treated us well..

our varsity girls team is ranked #2 in the region & #5 in the state. (for 4A)
today if you tuned into channel 2 at 6 o' clock you would have seen our junior gaurd mercedes. 
she was the prep of the week. (2 claps for cedes!)
a man from the news came & interviewed her during practice, so you may have seen a teeny-tiny glimpse of one of our faces. (it was on there for such a short period of time that even we couldn't tell which twin it was) 


pic. 1- me      pic.2-tar
the second round of region play starts on friday & we play provo.
hopefully we'll beat them by 20+ points like before!

January 24, 2011

& then i got bored.

you know those days when you have an extra 2 hours & you just don't quite know what to do with yourself? yeah, that was today. it was early out day so school got out at 1:15 then practice started at 3:30 = 2 hours of pure nothing. it made us happy & it felt absolutely fantastic. i can't remember the last time that happened, so i took advantage of the fact that paige gave us a tub of cute, cute clothes & i got ready for the first time since basketball started.


it was a good day.

January 22, 2011

ahhh. the smell of sweet success!

thursday. mountain view. remember?! well, jv DOMMED. (my brother tells me that's not a word, but i still like to use it all the time, sorry stink.)  i strongly dislike mountain view, keyword strongly. they're very rough players & like to complain. but we pulled through & came out with a TON of energy. the score after the first quarter was 24-6. eat it bruins. we ended up winning by 27-ish points! the varsity game was CRAZY. our bench got a warning because we were cheering a little too loud, if we stood up out of our chairs even ONCE we were going to get a technical. yikes. it was sooo close the whole time, but we ended up losing. boy, was it a nail biter!

friday. practice was so much fun! everyone thought it was gonna be so rough because of yesterday's game. it was still hard, but everyone went all out & held nothing back! coach even ended a little early (: boys varsity game was today.
we won.

i LOVE winning, especially when it's the boys team because we're known for not being.. the best team out there. we beat our two rivals- orem & mountain view. we are on a roll!!! after the game we went to wendy's with our basketball girls. boy do we love them! there are absolutely zero dull moments with them, & they've become some of our best friends! my stomach still hurts from laughing so hard. w-o-w, they're hilarious. tomorrow is another day filled with doing the clock for little girls tournament & we couldn't be more excited! they're the cutest little girls ever! { besides my KJ, peeps ;) }
over & out.

 * they think they're gang members. i told them to wait so i could be in it, but NOOO.
only tay made the cut.

January 19, 2011

look up 'struggle' in the dictionary, i'm sure you'll find our names close by..

last night, taylor & i both got into the varsity game against lehi. we were ahead by a lot and there was only 1:30 left on the clock. i, for one, was scared out of my mind! my heart was beating soo fast & i thought my lungs were going to collapse. here's how it went..

we have possession & my teammate passes it to me. i was wide open so i shot it.. airball. (crap) next possession- jamie passes it to me & i have a wide open lane, so i drive. i panicked, chucked the ball up & it hit the glass, not even the rim. (crap) next, taylor gets fouled & shoots a 1-1 free throw but missed. (crap) i hussle back on defense and our crowd started chanting 3, 2, 1, hoping the lehi girl would chuck it up & miss, so i just stood there. welp, there was a lehi girl standing right in back of me & i didn't see her. she got the ball & made a wide open lay-up at the buzzer. (CRAP)

i struggled & was more embarassed than i have ever been in my whole entire life. the boys team was all watching, waiting for their game to start. great.

so later, we look at the newspaper. [you can read that here] it says that taylor scored 2 points....WHAAA?! we look even closer. it says that #23 scored but that's my number!! WHAAA?! so now taylor/taryn nelson averages .17 points a game! hooray! shoot to the deseret newspaper author, but that's ok. it's alright to struggle sometimes writer, that's what i've learned from yesterday's game.

tomorrow we play mountain view. as of right now, we're both undefeated in region. this game is HUGE because we only had one loss in region last year, & that was to mountain view. so whoever wins tomorrows game will be #1 in region! GO T-WOLVES.

- taryn -

January 16, 2011

let the countdown begin

baseball trips.
they're the best thing ever!
we started talking about this years baseball trip while we were eating dinner & it got me sooo excited! there's nothing better than a road trip with the fam & soaking up the sun while watching baseball all day every day. this year we're going to st. george, partaay!

this was taken the year we went to california.


January 15, 2011

we've got spirit, yes we do!

one word...
for the first time in what seems like forever, our school acutally had spirit. yes, spirit. as past pep assemblies have been a complete bust, todays winter sports one was soooo great! everyone was very parcipitory (is that even a word?!) & so into it! we actually felt like a student body. everyone was pumped for the first region home game. a ton of people came to the boys game & i think our team played so much better because of it.

since it's region, boys & girls play in the big and small gyms.
here's the news...........
timpanogos won all the games.

boys & girls sophomores. WIN.
boys & girls jv. WIN.
boys & girls varsity. WIN.

we all stormed the court after the final buzzer rang of the boys varsity game & sang our fight song. it was seriously the best feeling. but our favorite part of the night was when someone got a broom & put a note on it that said "SWEEP" & everyone was chanting it to the orem fans.

today was a great day to be a t-wolf!
-taryn & taylor

January 13, 2011

dear journal.

it's the
although it's stressful & annoying, i can't wait to get rid of some of my classes. ready for a change in atmosphere x2.
drawing with thomas? you will not be missed.
financial lit. with kris? you will/not be missed. (iffy)
photo with tomas? you will/not be missed. (iffy)
i don't think i'll like semester 2... maybe, just maybe.
hopefullly mrs. eisenhart won't give me as much greif as she did last year,
& my seminary class will still be bomb.

taylor & i have both been interested in nursing our whole lives.
but this year i decided to change.

i'm dropping my MATC classes.
i would be getting my CNA this year, MA next year.

i still haven't decided if it's the right choice or not,
but everything will work out even if it isn't.
as of right now, there's no such thing as a b3 or b4 for me.
i was thinking about going into a digital photography class because i passed film photo already. i'm not interested in being a photographer; i just want cool pictures. but it's still unsure.

i'll sure miss taylor though.
we've had 7 classes together this semester.
she'll be driving to AF every bday without me.
i think it will be good for us to break out of the identical twin stage we're in because everyone basically thinks we're the same person.
i think that's a big reason why i'm changing?

the still iffy,

January 10, 2011

2 claps for photo!

we are both taking a black & white film photo class. it's been really fun to learn the basics of photography & developing our own film! for our last shoot we got to take pictures with a digital camera, so jenSTINK's new one came in handy.

taryn. {taken by taylor}


taylor. {taken by taryn}


that was fun,
clap clap!

January 9, 2011

wait, what's the date?

boy oh boy has this been a CUH-RAZY week. here it is in review.

monday, tuesday, wednesday. school, practice (all of which ended with 4+ ladders), homework, homework, (maybe more homework) sleep.

thursday. school. game @ provo (win), play games with fam, no homework was completed, sleep.

friday. school. jens has surgery #2. game @ west lake (win, but it wasn't pretty). play with maddie & danni until the wee hours of the night. go to DEL. come home to jens & dad going back to the hospital because he's in so much pain. try & watch the pretty little liars season premiere but fall asleep because we're more than exhausted.

saturday. do the score/clock for a little girls basketball tournament for 6 hours at the school. good thing coach brought us cafe rio & the ref in the big gym was attractive or else the day would have been awful. (not to mention the ref made jokes with us, it only kinda made our hearts beat fast)  go see jens at the hospital. go to lindsay & kenny's house to watch Wall Street & eat treaties. p.s. it's a great show!! but if you aren't financially educated you will be confused.. like taylor ;) sleep.

there's our hectic week. please bless next week is a little more calm.

*tay took this picture for photo.

this big guy & his little brother are having a sleep over tonight. we might be a little too excited! love 'em.

-taryn & taylor