January 22, 2011

ahhh. the smell of sweet success!

thursday. mountain view. remember?! well, jv DOMMED. (my brother tells me that's not a word, but i still like to use it all the time, sorry stink.)  i strongly dislike mountain view, keyword strongly. they're very rough players & like to complain. but we pulled through & came out with a TON of energy. the score after the first quarter was 24-6. eat it bruins. we ended up winning by 27-ish points! the varsity game was CRAZY. our bench got a warning because we were cheering a little too loud, if we stood up out of our chairs even ONCE we were going to get a technical. yikes. it was sooo close the whole time, but we ended up losing. boy, was it a nail biter!

friday. practice was so much fun! everyone thought it was gonna be so rough because of yesterday's game. it was still hard, but everyone went all out & held nothing back! coach even ended a little early (: boys varsity game was today.
we won.

i LOVE winning, especially when it's the boys team because we're known for not being.. the best team out there. we beat our two rivals- orem & mountain view. we are on a roll!!! after the game we went to wendy's with our basketball girls. boy do we love them! there are absolutely zero dull moments with them, & they've become some of our best friends! my stomach still hurts from laughing so hard. w-o-w, they're hilarious. tomorrow is another day filled with doing the clock for little girls tournament & we couldn't be more excited! they're the cutest little girls ever! { besides my KJ, peeps ;) }
over & out.

 * they think they're gang members. i told them to wait so i could be in it, but NOOO.
only tay made the cut.


  1. umm, definitely stealing "dommed" from you. love it.

    congrats on the big wins! awesomeeee.

  2. glad you aint no gangsta, because if you remember at last years lehi game...mom doesnt like em:)


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