April 30, 2012


we went to prom on saturday...
like usual, our amazing mom & sisters helped us;
our team of experts//personal cinna's totally did us up!!
(making dresses//alterations, hair, make-up, pics, flowers, etc)
but this wasn't your ordinary//typical high school dance..


this pimpin' friend of ours asked us both!
we've always joked about it, & we used to loathe the idea,
but once it happened we could not have been more thrilled.
throughout the week we would just be sitting in class//driving to work
and then bust up laughing. "i can't believe this is happening!!"
funnest. dance. ever.

thanks for putting the cherry on top of our senior year, ty! we love you!
-taryn & taylor

April 16, 2012


warning! this is one of those posts where you're like..
"wait, do you like instagram or do you like instagram?"
los sientos, amigos. (is that even correct spanish?)

// 1 // bowling with the fam! (taryn stinks) // 2 // our nanny kids like to capture gardener snakes to keep as pets... we threatened to quit // 3 // we love new spring tennies from target // 4 // bijou market was a success. if only we had all the money in the world.

our break was so grand.
we didn't want to go to school today.
being roughly 82% done with high school
& threatening to drop out means something.
our next break is SUMMER! we absolutely can't wait.

love, // taryn // taylor // 

April 8, 2012


warm weather + good food + christ + family.. nothin better.



- taryn & taylor

April 7, 2012


remember this?
spirit bowl was yesterday.
probably the biggest event we do..
and yes, it was the best spirit bowl ever.
the theme was perfect & everything was stellar.
after hours & hours of prep, it turned out sooo awesome!


the day was so rockin, we even made the front page of the local newspaper!
here are the herald extra pictures, & you can read the article here.


the masterminds behind it all.. (cough cough korinne!)

// t squared //

April 3, 2012

April 1, 2012


a year ago i made a last minute decision to try out for student council.. something i thought i would never do. after a lot of time and hard work, i made it! a year ago today is the day i found out. having my name be called out & on the roll out poster was honestly one of the most rewarding feelings ever, & i will never forget that.

as if you don't know already (& from the pictures) i'm a very emotional person. well, a couple days ago was when the student council for 2012-2013 was announced. performing the skits & announcing the new people was probably one of thee worst feelings ever. IT SUCKED actually! it was rough seeing people's faces who didn't make it.. especially the one's i thought would. (i may or may not have cried for them....) 

but, i am excited! doing student council was one of the best decisions i have ever made! (even though the mockery from my friends will never end) & i know next years council will be killer because of the people who made it & there are some killer people who should be on cabinet. (fingers & toes crossed)


on april 1st, not only did taryn find out that she made student council...

our baby rowan was born!!

this little girl just makes us happier...


little rowan girl,

we can't believe that you are one already! time just flew by. we still remember being so sad that your mom was in the hospital, about to have you & we couldn't come up because of taryn's student council stuff. we tried to get out of it, but that just didn't happen. we wanted to hold your little, perfect body soo badly! we remember getting a picture of your cute little face & being so excited that you were here.. a niece! don't get us wrong, your boy cousins are the best, too.. but you're a girl. we can play dress up when you're older & have slumber parties & talk about boys, & do nails & all that jazz. we raced up to logan the next morning & spent the whole day with you. you are the most entertaining baby. we could sit & stare at you all day & never get bored, seriously. the silly faces you make, your big, brown eyes, the way you smell, your laugh.. everything about you just makes us happy! we don't know if we can ever love a little girl as much as we love you. your mom said once that she doesn't think anyone can make you laugh harder than us... the feeling is mutual, little :) the song Never Grow Up - Taylor Swift reminds us of you. you're our widda! we want you to stay the little, perfect girl that you are now. but, we also can't wait to see what a beautiful girl you become, rowan. we love you forever! 
- auntie twinners.