October 31, 2010

ramblings of the day.

-if you're of the opposite gender & tell the 
twinners you go to timpview... 
you're attractive.

-you can never go wrong with high school musical & rent.

-grateful journals are a must, and add to the 
"heavenly father loves me" fun-ness.

- dinner in a pumpkin is the best when i cook it.

-tomorrow is a minimal day- which means the traditional 
minimal/twinner day pictures will be taken.

-too much sugar intake.. i'm officially bloated.

-sadies was so fun! 
| minus dinner. of course out of all the other 29 
people in the group, mine and mckay's names were 
right. next. to. eachother. | what are the freaking chances?!

-i can not wait to sleep tonight.
body pillow + plush = prime.

-tomorrow's a minimal day. 
did i mention that?

-i have way to many crushes to even begin counting.

-happy halloween!!

-i would love to have jury duty over the elizabeth smart
case that's starting soon. i find it fascinating.


san fran & maine, whaatt?!

this week 2 of our friends moved.
whit left to san fransisco on friday
han left for maine at 6 a.m. this morning.


| eliza taryn hannah taylor ... '07 |

 (taylor, whitney, hannah, eliza, taryn)


hannah has been one of our best friends since kindergarten.
we'll miss you han & whit!

October 24, 2010

sadies part 1.

i asked cameron mcginn.
according to girl code, the best friends boy is off limits, and i know that. considering they weren't together when i asked, and i have been friends with cam since kindergarten, why not? i knew i wasn't going to pull any moves and i got permission from the best friend, so i asked him.
i asked: hey dew'd it'd be money if we went to sadies
[mt. dew + 100 grands]
he answered: honey-comb your hair, we're going to sadies
[& don't forget the bee mascot handing me the answer] 

taryn asked trevor matheson. 
she gave him pop & popcorn and said:
"pop pop" "fizz fizz" if you went to sadies with me 
that'd be the shiz!
she had her name spelled out in 3 different balloons and he had to pop them to find out who it was.

his answer came with a great story to tell.
(grab your popcorn, it's a long one)
trevor was texting me, telling me to keep taryn away from the door, so i did. later, my mom opened the door and told tar that she had something waiting for her. so, both of us went outside looking for his answer. "taryn! follow the string" so we followed the string. it went all the way around our neighbors big tree but when we got to the end of the string, there was nothing there. taryn took 30 minutes looking for something that could have fallen off or blown away in the wind and she couldn't find anything! 
so i texted trevor and told him how confused we were. apparently our mom opened the door while he was still putting everything together and so he had to run off before completion. there was supposed to be a note at the end of the string that said "look under your door mat" trevor said. so we looked under the doormat and there was this little piece of paper folded into 27ths that said "it'd be one heck of a journey to go to sadies with you!"

sadies is this weekend and we're really excited to party it up with our friends!
this group of 30 will be very interesting.
p.s.& how could i forget to thank tori for all the help? thanks tor!

... to be continued.

October 21, 2010

chris breezy in the building

dear chris.
you have been missed greatly in our lives. you are still our favorite even though you're actions speak otherwise. we're SO GLAD that you are up & runnin' again. this is a great way to introduce the new you to the universe. (the tatts? not fans, sorry) FUNNEST SONG EVER. it just makes us dance every time we hear it. & the video? PRIME. much love brotha..
love, twinners.

Chris Brown - Yeah 3X    - click it.

October 20, 2010

aint no party like a sisterhood party!

this weekend was the annual 'ya-ya sisterhood' party at thanksgiving point. last year was a little sketchy, so we decided to go all out this year, we even made our own hats & headbands!

we had so much fun shopping & being with each other.
hands down, we have the best sisters around!
they're our best friends.
thanks for the good times, sissies!

October 17, 2010

stick to the status quo.

i got my old iPod working again & I couldn't be happier.
me & t. tay have been jamming all day long to our old favs...

high school musical
demi lovatto
jonas brothers
+ all the one hit wonder songs from junior high 

fall break was a definite success. we had fun playing with some basketball girls that are seriously the funnest people. no one cares what anyone else thinks about them and they're not afraid to act stupid and have fun. {keywords have fun. they party. hard.} ya-ya sisterhood was a year to remember (that is a post all on it's own) and tate's primary program topped it off. 
2 claps for fall break.

October 16, 2010

health career day

some students at school signed up for classes and we took a bus down to centenial middle school where health care professionals taught students who were interested in having a career in the medical field.

jacob visited us in our labor & delivery class (along with the EMT's because a girl passed out)

i went to: labor & delivery, EMT, & respiratory therapist
taylor went to: labor & delivery, surgery, & dentist.

we didn't sign up for our last 2 classes, they were just the only ones open. i was hoping to go to mental health because along with nursing i am interested in psychology, but i obviously wasn't able to do that. OH WELL! we had fun anyways.

October 15, 2010

ex-neigh on sadies.. eh.

if your car gets vandalized or something is left on your doorstep it'll most likely be us. we like to help people ask their dates to sadies. when will WE ask to sadies?? maybe next year.

victim #1- tyson money

        tori- hey pumpkin would you like to go to sadies with me?
[then had her name carved in pumpkins]
victim #2- mckay taylor

 we just trashed his car.
originally we put oreos all over with sarah's name in some of the
oreos, but that didn't really work out.
[oreos, shoe polish, toilet paper & saran wrap]

victim #3- chris melville
[not pictured]
sky made a really cute candy poster

all incidents ended with screaming and speeding or running away.
[tyson's included both]
crazy kid chased us down & jumped on poor butch.

happy sadies everyone.

October 12, 2010

the big 20

h a p p p p y
b i r t h d a y
why we're here, why we're here is to say say say say say..
hello jensen, how are you?
its your birthday & we sure love you!
here's a day to celebrate, 
another birthday gone through the gate.
so are you 90 or 91?
only 20 young son of a gun!
h a p p p p y
b i r t h d a y!!!


jensen is serving the lord in three forks, montana. he's been working real hard & is a district leader. he's been out since february 10, so his mission is 1/3 complete! i can't believe how fast it has gone but i still miss him a lot!!
happy birthday nessy jj!!

                      [february 2010]                   [september 2010]

October 10, 2010

what up ____ ?!

my favorite thing to say.
it all started with Justin Bieber.
he appeared on Ellen with, of course, hundreds of teenage girls screaming his name. he had a little fan section and once he sat down, good ol' Ellen pointed them out.
"what up ladies?!"
baby j always knows what to say. this has become an inside joke with my sisters, particularly Lindsay (29). Brynne, Lindsay, Taylor and I all have a serious case of Bieber fever. sue us!
his face, his voice, and his legendary hair complete me.
thanks biebs.

October 4, 2010

2 claps for HOSA

health occupations for students of america.
since taylor and i are both interested in nursing careers we joined the HOSA club. as members, we are introduced to many career opportunities in the medical field, including the blood drive. mrs. herrick is our awesome club adviser and we got to skip 4th period and help out with the shin-dig. since we aren't 17 yet, we weren't able to donate [sigh] but we were able to watch and learn.

free t-shirts, 
lots of snacks, 
sitting around conversing with friends.. 
who wouldn't want to join?

 [clap! clap!]