October 15, 2010

ex-neigh on sadies.. eh.

if your car gets vandalized or something is left on your doorstep it'll most likely be us. we like to help people ask their dates to sadies. when will WE ask to sadies?? maybe next year.

victim #1- tyson money

        tori- hey pumpkin would you like to go to sadies with me?
[then had her name carved in pumpkins]
victim #2- mckay taylor

 we just trashed his car.
originally we put oreos all over with sarah's name in some of the
oreos, but that didn't really work out.
[oreos, shoe polish, toilet paper & saran wrap]

victim #3- chris melville
[not pictured]
sky made a really cute candy poster

all incidents ended with screaming and speeding or running away.
[tyson's included both]
crazy kid chased us down & jumped on poor butch.

happy sadies everyone.

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