June 30, 2011

pool time lovin.

us red heads are not known for our beautiful olive skin, it's quite the opposite actually. so when it comes time to take a dip we must lather up the spf 1000. {if only there was sunscreen that high, then there would be no need to re-apply every half hour. oh the sacrifices we make..} but we do love to swim. especially with our favorite kiddies. just take a look at them & you'll understand why we love them so much.
tate {5}, caden {4.5}, crew {2.5}, brigham {2}, haws {1}, rowan {3 mo.}
i must say, they are the cutest kids i've ever seen.
 we love being aunties to these 6 chickies.

-taryn & taylor

June 29, 2011

a midnight rambling.

i have a dream catcher fettish.
i must have one in my car, & possibly one in my room.
thankfully, bad dreams don't come around for me very often.
 but i like the feeling of safety the dream catcher brings, is that weird?
everytime i see dream catchers at stores i immediately go & take a gander.
does my heart skip a beat? maybe.


i have never been in any kind of relationship.
i know i'm only 17, but i'll be 18 in a few months.
if you know me well, i'm sure you know what i'm talking about.
but at the same time, it's kind of nice. i've never felt obligated to buy silly gifts 
& certainly never had my heart broken. 
but if & when i do, i would picture it like this.


i love my mom.
plain & simple.
i missed my mom so much while i was gone in lake powell.
when i came home from the trip i just laid down and fell asleep next to her.
sometimes i take her for granted & i dont realize how lucky i am to have my mom.
she does everything for me & my family.
i love you forever, momma.


so there's a little late night rambling for ya.
taryn's gone at leadership training for student council until thursday,
so hopefully i can keep up the new posts as well as she does.
i sure do miss her already, it's weird being without her!

i have been reading hunger games today.
i hope i dream of katniss & peeta tonight.


June 26, 2011

i'm on a boat.

we spent the weekend basking in the beautiful sun of page, arizona. aka lake powell! sky invited us to go with her fam & boy did we party! yes, the 101 degree weather made it necessary for sunscreen lathering every 30 minutes. what a rough life we gingers live.

we didn't want to come home.
thank you, thank you, thank you for the good times, olsen clan!

- taryn & taylor

June 23, 2011

this day will always be special. not only cause it's mulfy's birthday but because we met famous people.

backstreet's back, ALRIGHT.

backstreet boys concert!

taryn won 2 tickets over the radio.
taylor won 2 tickets +VIP backstage passes to the sound check party.

don't ask how it happened,
all we know is that we're the luckiest twins alive.

after many arguments over the extra 2 tickets, (between brooks & paige mostly)
we decided to take our best friends, sarah & skylar.

& bless our hearts for the terrible picture quality.


we shook their hands, nbd.
probably the only time we haven't been bothered when someone asked if we were twins! haha goodness. they're beautiful people, those boys. our hearts were racing 23498 miles an hour. WE TOUCHED THEM FOR HEAVEN SAKES!!

best. night. ever.

-taryn & taylor.

June 22, 2011

alright, alright, alright, alright, alright, HEY!

efy time!

for the strength of youth activity. sometimes sitting outside makes us sunburned, exhausted, & a little distracted.

game night on wednesday! our company NONE GREATER won 1st in the skit & banner categories! (everytime we've gone to efy our company has kind of stunk. we had never won anything before!) this was a big accomplishment!

we memorized the 13th article of faith! hilary gave us stickers to put on our name tags when we passed it off. seriously, one of the most rewarding feelings! we're not known for our memorizing skills ;)

we moved our beds next to each other all week! usually the beds are spread accross the room, but we love each other so much that we moved them. hooray!

we had some injuries. taryn accidentaly hit taylor in the face & gave her a big lip. (& yes, it was an accident) on monday night at family home evening, our company was playing games maybe a little too aggressively. the pictures don't do it justice, because now we have scars that make us look like cutters.

best believe justin came. no way were we leaving him behind for a whole week!

who's that creepin' out the windoow? oh yeah, it's taryn & taylor during free time. there were lots of people outside. one day, some people put on a concert for us - accoustic guitar & all. best seats ever :)

our friends blakey-poo & michael freaks. they're definitely the most gullible people ever. they basically believed everything we said! eventually we told them the truth, but it was fun while it lasted :)

efy was honestly the best week ever. we made so many new friends & have soo many memories! both of our testimonies grew tremendously & we had so much fun learning new things. our favorite moment was friday after breakfast: our counselors josh & hilary, another counselor jordan, us, & blake & michael just sat there telling stories. at one point we were all laughing so hard that we couldn't even remember why we were laughing, we just were - holding our stomachs, hoping our pants were still dry when we stood up, don't you love those moments? thanks efy - you treated us well!

- tar & tay

June 21, 2011

how's this for dramatic post of the year?

 i had every intention to blog about efy today.
well, i'm not in the mood.

i found myself on my knees last night.

i just want my old friends.
my old family.

music is the only thing that can describe it.




June 19, 2011

my dad.

tis the day to celebrate the man who is the reason for your existance,
this is our dad, isn't he handsome?
he's our coach, teacher, but most importantly, our father.
he has taught us everything we know.
thanks for everything dad,
you're our hero.
happy fathers day.
love you forever


June 18, 2011

we're hooome!

& it's oh so nice. we had the absolute best time at efy. definitely one of the best weeks ever! we can't even count how many times we had to say "taylor is the one with short hair, taryn has the bangs!" & the "OH MY GOSH, are you guys TWINS!??!" comments still never get old & still are said by every person who saw us the whole week. can't wait to share all of our experiences! the church is true & the book is blue :)

- taryn & taylor

June 15, 2011

quick, act like you're asleep.

tiff gave sar a cd - one that we stole because it's the best cd ever.
our favorite 2 tracks are the following:

- twinners

June 12, 2011

carnivals are sketchy. especially the ones called summerfest.

we wanted henna's - line too long.
we wanted feather extensions - feathers too ugly.
we wanted food - food too expensive.
so we walked to mcdonalds & waited with the other 293842 people there to get food.

you know how every summer you say..
"i'm going to get a boyfriend by the time summerfest comes around so we can go on all the rides & look cute  & make every girl there wish they had a relationship like mine. then we'll sit on a picnic blanket & watch the fireworks. maybe lock lips for a second or two.."

yeah, that didn't happen to us either.
instead, we watched from the mcdonalds window with our best friends.


get it, dawg.

we also pretty much fought over rowan all weekend long. she's seriously thee most precious thing we've ever seen. & we discovered she caught a little bug or virus while she was visiting....

what was it called? oh yeah..

bieber fever.

seriously. she would not go to sleep, so paige got her up to watch never say never with us. {yes, my sisters are that cool} she was smiling at him thee whole time. love her even more for that :) what good taste she has.

eat, drink, & be merry, for tomorrow.. we go to efy! 
JK. ^ totally hypocritical & oxymoron.
one word: party.

- taryn & taylor

June 9, 2011


here's what's up.


they're jumping for joy.
i'm jumping for joy.
wanna know why?

news came today. very, very good news.


Congratulations! You have Passed both the Written and the Manual Skill portions of Utah's Nurse Aid Competency Exam.
Awarded to

 i passed! can i get a holla?
oh, i'm so pumped.

- {CNA} taylor

June 8, 2011

heey youuu guyysss!

sooo bloggy got a make over.
we needed a new fresh look for the summer.
because this summer is going to be unlike any otthhaa.
so put your word in & tell us what you think!
or don't. whatever.

- taryn & taylor

June 7, 2011

my imaginary money grows on trees.

remember this?
summer, please.

& this?
soft & nude

i've been craving summer since.. well.. forever.

sweet summer


my mom went to new york with her sisters last week. while she was there they visited H&M. yes, she did bring us some awesome (& when i say awesome, i mean awesome!) items. {some very close to the items above. funny how mom knows just what i want!} so, thanks mom! you're the best :)

-taryn e.

p.s. a new blog design is in the near future. we're in deep need of a fresh look for the new summer season.

can't wait.

we've watched it many, many times.
please tell me you screamed like we did.

June 6, 2011

& the award goes to....

the two idiots.

bently. because he's a jerk.
{why do the uthans on reality t.v. have to make us look like fools?}

justin bieber. because he pierced his ears.
& looks like a complete wanna-be.
{there will never be a hater post again, biebs. don't fret}

why oh why did he have to do that?
we're still your number 1 fans,
just maybe the pierced ears were a little much? just sayin.


June 5, 2011

graduation{s} 2011







tay graduated from MATC with her CNA
tate & caden graduated from pre-school. they're such troopers
we kind of ♥ high school 
 paige & jordan graduated from utah state!

congraduations class of 2011-
now let the summer memories begin!