August 27, 2011

too school for cool

sorry for posting & the lack there-of.
it's been a busy week around these parts.
this week has been filled with ups & downs
(including, we think, the worst day ever)
but that's ok!

we're seniors!

this has already been so much fun.
it's been filled with events such as:
del taco for luch e'ery day, friends,
homecoming (YEEAAH), friends, football,
friends, school, stomps & oh.. friends!

first day of school:

"hello, my life sucks" day:

some senior romance/football game action...

& some serious stompin' after the football game.
we love being seniors 'cause we can dance like idiots
& not have to care :)

the senior girls are here to party all year long :)

- taryn & taylor

p.s. love me some iPhone pictures, right?

August 22, 2011

eat, drink, & be married.

remember how this was my wedding? & my mother is the best wedding coordinator around & works at thanksgiving point? yeah, well she did my wedding this past weekend. & when i say mine i mean my dream wedding. very similar to the one i've posted about before.

the buckner's are old family friends & their youngest daughter jessie tied the knot on friday. take a deep breath & swoon. all the details weren't quite put together & although they say "a picture is worth a thousand words".. it was even prettier in real life.

congrats jessie & tanner!
i'm so proud that i used to get your hand-me-downs because your taste is killer.

thanks aunt polly for letting me steal your pics.


August 16, 2011

what's it like being a twin?

the infamous question that happens to trickle out of stranger's mouths...
 welp, here's our answer:

(as if we know the difference, right?)

we watched home videos the other day & it was so weird to see us so little!
but we were best friends then, best friends now, & will always be best friends.

it's so much fun to always have someone there.
it's so much fun to bust/snap after we say the same thing at the same time.
(which happens on the daily. yes, weird looks & comments by peeps follow shortly after)

it's so much fun to be a twin!

love, the twinners.
// taryn // taylor

August 13, 2011

over the river & through the woods to grandmother's house we go!

our grammie & grampie have a house in sundance that they use whenever they come to visit. we all decided to have a fun little family reunion up there this past weekend. & boy, did we party. hard! the spontaneous trip to deer creek turned into an afternoon spent on the lake boating, tubing, & water skiing.


August 6, 2011

something called rejection..

i hate it when the good people leave reality tv shows.

elenowen + the voice = rejection.
the terrible kind. they should have made it a lot further than what they did.
luckily their basement sessions & new album keep our hearts thumpin.

just to name a few of our faves.

her hair + his beard = FAN.
their house = HOLLA.
their clothes = KILLER.
their relationship & matching tatts = PRIME.

they're just so cool.


August 3, 2011

i can't feel my feet & my eyes are getting heavier by the second.


let's just say volenteering to chase after balls little children have thrown accross the park wasn't the funnest booth to man. they said i'd get to run the mph gun & meet dale murphy.

no gun.. no murphy.

oh well, it was fun.

now here are some randoms.

1. playing croquet with the cousins.
2. re-doing my magnetic board!
3. cut down the ol' pine tree, TIMBEERR!
4. extra magazines lying around? send them my way.
5. $0.49 bean & cheese with extra green sauce.
6. (lovin pizza right now) peperoni & artichoke from the wasatch brewery. yummm.

& annie said....

"I do not care that every day of my life is not full of events, dates, or plans."


that's all the randoms for now.

p.s. i absolutely want/need this. & i'm doing everything in my power to win.