August 22, 2011

eat, drink, & be married.

remember how this was my wedding? & my mother is the best wedding coordinator around & works at thanksgiving point? yeah, well she did my wedding this past weekend. & when i say mine i mean my dream wedding. very similar to the one i've posted about before.

the buckner's are old family friends & their youngest daughter jessie tied the knot on friday. take a deep breath & swoon. all the details weren't quite put together & although they say "a picture is worth a thousand words".. it was even prettier in real life.

congrats jessie & tanner!
i'm so proud that i used to get your hand-me-downs because your taste is killer.

thanks aunt polly for letting me steal your pics.



  1. Oh wow. I think this is my dream wedding too- including her dress! I am just oohing and aahing!

  2. Obviously that SHOULD be MY wedding ;-)

  3. Such a cute wedding! I love the cake with the writing on it!

  4. Oh my goodness. I am OBSESSED with this wedding theme. So beautiful. I want. Everything! haha


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