February 12, 2013

12 ON 12 // FEBRUARY

1// therapeutic journal writing and scripture study. 2// purple nails and cheetah print for syd. 3// much needed girls date with my best friends to kneaders. 4// my new found love- this juice is real. 5// just a round of tic-tac-toe at work. me and pip live the high life. 6//  i have another new love for plants. real or fake. 7// oh just me and pip goofin around, the usual. 8// this is pieper's horse, lucky. i accidentally scared him with the camera flash. 9// the only shoes that won't get ruined while feeding the horse. seriously, all my other shoes are stained. not cool. 10// long days call for quick 'hair out of the face' hair-do's. 11// it was a chilly day, but the mountains are so beautiful right now. 12// tuesday nights are so good. pretty little liars, obviously.  

February 6, 2013


Our sister << Paige >> threw the cutest little Valentines party for the littles in our family....

Is it not the cutest little party you've ever seen?! She's a genius, that sister of ours!
// I literally stole all the pictures from her, so hop on over to << her blog >> for details //