July 31, 2011

oh, the places you {wish to} go..

because i'm running out of things to blog about,
here are a few places i would like to go before immortality takes over:

yes. forks, washington. what twi-hard wouldn't?
any part of australia
& if i could only choose one, my choice would be italy.
i've wanted to go ever since i was a little girl.
don't these places make you wish you had millions of dollars so you could travel the world?
yeah.. me too.
happy sunday everyone!

July 28, 2011

yes, another one.

i truly am sorry for all the annoying posts by me.
but this has been my life for the past week.
however, i have finished them all.

& cried. a lot.
now no more until march 23, i promise.


July 24, 2011

i can hear the bells..

i'm going to be bridezilla because i won't be able to make up my mind &
my wedding planner mother will want to punch me in the face.
but then again i'll probably just let her take over because anything &
everything she does is brilliant. yes, people pay her the big bucks to make things pretty.
but as of right now...

the dress will look like this:

the decor will look like this:

the cake will look like this:

the suits will look like this:
the bridesmaids will look like this: (no matchy-matchy allowed)

& the place will look like this:

or everything will be like this (i LOVE her ring), & this.

let's face it..everyone does future wedding posts.

but it's ok.

i'll change my mind tomorrow.
 // taryn

July 22, 2011

pinterest lovin.

i've used & known about it for a long time
but having my mother create an account
made me realize that i must do the same.


July 19, 2011

games- the hungry kind.

remember this post?
well i'm doing it again because frankly,
i'm in love.

you can bet your bottom dollar i'll be there at midnight.
march 23, 2012- please come faster.
& if you haven't read the books, please do it. & fall in love like i did.


July 18, 2011

my creative juices were shufflin

B8mUJL on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

tay left me by my lonesome today 'cause "peeta was waiting.."
psssssssshhhhhhhh. SO...

today was project day.

i'm in the process of re-doing my magnetic board.
(yikes, was it baaad)
& bloggy got yet another makeover.

oh the joys of being bored.



she's just so cool.
spoken in my british accent.

- taryn

July 17, 2011

a tight grip.


but the memories are all i have to hold on to.

July 16, 2011

let me introduce ya..

to my party people {well.. person}.
we have finally been reuinted.
we kind of go through stages of friendship, but i pray this one will stay.
{which i'm sure it will. she's such a great girl!}
but we party, nonetheless.

* gotta love those iPhone pictures, right?
thank you for saving us from our oh so boring summer vacation.
we wuv you thky!


July 15, 2011

a shout out to the birthday boy!

miles tate.
we can't believe you're turning 5!
where did 5 years go?!
all we know is, it's been pure bliss to be your aunties.
thanks for always making us smile with your jokes & silly noises/faces.

{above: tate & taylor at his birthday party last year}
{below: tate & taryn being silly}
happy birthday tatie bug!
we love you lots.

-twinners/{ner ners}

July 14, 2011

sorry for the inconvenience...

1 mom at girls camp + 1 mom working night shift = 2 twinners filling in.
we've been playing "mom" for the past couple of days.
who knew it would be this tiring!
but we love these boys, nonetheless.

we'll be back to our old updating selves shortly.

-taryn & taylor

July 11, 2011

mr. sun...

...you can stay for awhile.

- us.

July 9, 2011

girls camp: round 1

where eating food off the ground & not showering is acceptable.


we had the privalege of working with the first years. we absolutely LOVED it! their innocence & energy made them very fun to be around.


roasting peeps. try it.


late night biffy talks with the ladies above were a must.

thanks girls camp! our last year with you was oh so great :)

-taryn & taylor

July 4, 2011

happy birthday ammurrica.

love that miss indie did this.
4th of july is our favorite holiday!


happy 4th e'eryone!
we like being free.
- twinners

{via pinterest}