November 29, 2010

sooo yesterday.

lindsay was sick yesterday and kenny took her to the hospital. we went over to watch her kids while they were trying to figure out what was wrong. 5 hours later they called and said everything was fine. during those 5 hours we . . . . .

played games
watched shows
spent time with 3 cuties.

we love sundays.

November 28, 2010

from the bruddah.

saw this on stinka's blog & thought i'd share.
i can't believe he's been gone for almost a year...
can't believe he and my coach's little brother are companions.

miss him like cuh-raaazzzyyy.

i am aware that the formatting is terrible
but i don't really have the patience and/or energy to fix it.
lo siento.

November 27, 2010

how about we..

listen to bieber's accoustic all day.
don't shower.
paint our nails gray.
take creeper pictures.

g r e a t .



 adj.- feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative.
we're grateful for lots of things.
& most importantly, the gospel in our lives

November 26, 2010

a change is in the air.

we're under construction.
|if it's not very obvious|
estimated completion time: 22.3 hours

November 23, 2010

we've been slacking

maybe it's because this has taken over our lives...


| blue & white game, varsity preview 2010 |

November 14, 2010

meet devon.

he's cierra's friend & i have a pretend crush on him.
we like to joke around & as a gift he gave me his school picture
and on the back of it it said:
taryn, call me up sometime. :)  -devon
made. my. day.

p.s. he's really cute & has a rockin middle name.

November 11, 2010

words from the wise.

1. make a turkey according to the 4 year olds.

| tate's turkey consisted of
chocolate chips, syrup & burning it untill it's black |

2. be a little late to seminary cause you're carbonation deprived.


3. do good in photo/art class so your projects can be displayed in the commons.

4. take advantage of the fact your dad is the medical anatomy & physiology teacher. go to the school at 11:30 pm to study for the big quiz you have on the one bajillion bones in the body. you may think it'll be easy because he's the teacher and he will go easy on you.  MA&P will make or break your career decisions... and your grades.

5. while down at the school studying for your quiz and your head just keeps bobbing because basketball has taken over your life, jump up on the science lab tables & attempt to do the stanky leg..

November 8, 2010

another year older, another year wiser.

the birthday started off with sky taking us to the mall for a gift & then pizza factory for desert. you can never go wrong with cinnamon twist bread sticks with cream & a chocolate chip never on sundae. the birthday day started off with a lovely kidnapping from sarah & kerbi. they made us the best breakfast! later the whole fam came over & we opened presents & hung out for awhile. kerbi & sarah picked us up for some ice cream followed by a suprise party (well... sorta party) at sky's. the basketball girls saved us and we drove around with them for a little bit before returning back to our off-the-hook party.

we have the best friends and family ever!! thanks for making it the best birthday yet :)

the laurel's in our ward made these cute signs for us




 (the self-timer is our friend)
cake from sarah / kerbi. & the best no bake cookies ever made from liza!

November 2, 2010

minimal day strikes again

the traditional minimal day pics.
yours truly, twinners.










what does the heat have in common with hemingway?

absolutely nothing.
except for when i procrastinate writing my paper on the old man and the sea until 11:00 at night and am falling asleep after every word is typed. while brooks is watching ESPN & it's blaring in my ear, i type the words i hear without even thinking. 

"If we were all in the fish's shoe, we'd realize that some things aren't always as they seem. Especially when the adds in Miami Heat are involved." 

does that sound okay, mr. saxton? please give me the A+ that i deserve....


p.s. this is the birthday week, meaning it will be the slowest week ever. and try-outs are next monday, another reason for the slow paces. joy. 
 p.p.s. i'm dead serious when i say that i typed that in my paper....
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