March 31, 2011

i'm still kickin!

you guys, i'm a failure. blue team got the best of me this week & posting just became last on the to do list. remember how i can't go 1 day with out taking a nap? yeah, i went this whole entire week with out one... rough!

Day 29 - what you want to be when you grow up.

a mom. :)

i'm so excited for it, too! i can't wait for all the fun experiences. i know it'll be hard, but really, all i want to do when i'm older is sit at home and spend time with my kids. after i graduate from college i want to work in a rehab center. i've always been interested in psychology & my coach watts just really made it sound more fun! all the weird classes she took, all the stories, everything! right now she works in a rehab center & came to practice everyday with stories to tell. it's weird, but i find it interesting.

t.a.'ing for the daycare this semester has been SO much fun. i read an article in the newspaper about a group therapy center for kids who have divorced or seperated parents and that really inspired me. i want to open or work in a children's help home - a safe place for them to go to get out all of their feelings about life. i'd rather work with children because what happens to them during their younger years isn't usually their fault. their faith is tried at an early age because of something they can not control. i would love to be able to help them, talk to them, whatever!

Day 30 - dream date.

frankly, any date at this time will make me happy.

i'm not a picky one. really, i'd basically do anything that wasn't too sick-nasty & weird. my dream, dream, DREAM date is to go fishing. weird, i know. i'm not a fisher. i just think going fishing would be soooo fun for some reason! like, i will go fishing on a date before i die, just sayin.

Day 31 - the finale.

march just flew by! i can't believe it's over. hopefully you learned more about me & my life. :) posting every single day was a pain in the reer, but i enjoyed it. i can't wait for april! april & may are thee best months ever & i honestly can not wait.

2 claps for march madness.


March 28, 2011

my day today.

today was minimal day.
because tar has been working her bum off all weekend for
student council,
i sat at home by myself today.
it wasn't all that bad, i kind of liked it actually.
i got to catch up on {most} of my homework and tunes.
adele, erik hassle, t-pain ft. chris brown is the way to go, i'm tellin ya!
but wanna know the best part of my day?
i got my first paycheck!
i was oh so excited when it came :)
hope your day was as productive as mine!
over & out.


oh yeah, how could i forget? i also got asked to prom on saturday!
{more details to come}
Day 28 - something you miss

9th grade. summer '09. the best friends..


March 27, 2011

hopefully i'm married by the time i'm 27.

Day 27 - your dream wedding

holy t.

all along i've been waiting for this post, it was the most exciting one to me. i get excited when thinking about my wedding &/or the person i marry. {hopefully he's a stud} unfortunately, time gets the best of us & all i have time for now-a-days is, of course, student council. :) i love iiiittt!! blue team is stacked. our ideas are so fun & all the kids are so much fun to be around. we're all so close already & i can't wait till friday. april is going to be one heck of a month!

anyway - back to the wedding stuff. i love weddings!! my mother is the best coordinate around & is known for her fabulous work. i'm afraid to say that i will not be doing the picture posting, cyber-wedding-crashing, diving into future dreams quite yet. i know, i know. "i do what the list says" right? i've said that before, but now is not the time. i'm past the bed time i was given & ready to go to bed.

i promise i'll make up for this later.


twenty six!

Day 26 - your favorite vacation spot

frankly, every vacation is a favorite.

rochester/pitsford new york.

my grandparents live there & as a family we went back & participated in the hill cumorah pageant one year. we stayed for 4 weeks! it's so pretty there & my grandparents owned theeee most amazing house. (which they just sold, sigh) me & tay have talked about going back to be in the hill cumorah pageant again in 2012 after graduation.


March 25, 2011

what's with the boring posts & no pictures? oh yeah, march madness.

Day 25 - something you're afraid of

this always happens! something happens that day & then i go to blog & the march madness is exactly what occured earlier. today in seminary, the question of the day was "what is one of your phobias" mmm.

i couldn't think of one until someone said "i'm afraid that the person i marry turns out to be someone totally different than i thought." oh my gosh - that is a phobia. one that i'm terrified of happening. it's scary to think that you know someone when you really don't, ya know? i've had my share of burning bridges of trust but i do think that you should always give someone a second chance. always. when those chances turn in to 3rd & 4th & 5th - that's the problem. i'm also afraid of the usual: mice, spiders, kidnapped/raped (although if someone told me not to scream or else something bad would happen, i'd scream at the top of my lungs. it's much better to die right then (if they really will) then go through what most kidnapped children go through). just a thought.

i survived primary elections!!

today i spent most the day with the blue team!!! i'm so excited - i had soo much fun today. :) it was stressful & i'm beat, but i already feel connected with the other canidates & it's just been one day! HOLLA. oh yeah, & i got asked to prom. :)

bada-ba-ba-baaaa, i'm lovin' it. :)


March 24, 2011

viente cuatro

Day 24 - a want list

i used to be a spanish wizard, AP & all.
soft & nude
i want these outfits.


March 23, 2011

another reason why #23 is a favorite number

Day 23 - your favorite radio station

97.1 ; 100.7 ; 103.9 ; 99.5 ;
ke$ha, ry cumming, bieber {obviously}, paramore, tyler hilton, chris brown, the script, jason derulo & the occasional rooftops.
it's funny how fast the radio can change my mood. i love it :)
for young womens we went & did baptisms for the dead. dad was able to come & that was soooo good to have him there with us. i've had such a stressful week with student council stuff & the last week of the term. i love going to the temple. it brings me such peace & comfort! i've been worried about wether or not i'm going to make student council & i know that whatever happens i will be ok! i felt the spirit soo strongly & am grateful for the gospel in my life & that i'm able to attend the temple.

oh, & ..................................................

i can not believe you're 100 already.
i love you, i do!!!!
- tar!

March 22, 2011

03.22.11. blast off!

Day 22 - your favorite fat kid food.

although i'm a fan of every fat kid food, this one is at the top of my list.

magleby's chocolate cake.

i feel like the fat kid on matilda eating the chocolate cake whenever i get my fingers on this sucker. pure delight if you ask me.

i may or may not have a girl crush on the one & only ke$ha. i've always liked her but i've just recently been introduced to the softer side of her. yeah, i can't change the station. i'm obsessed!! & now i'm off to my student council interview.. kinda freaking out. i had to give 2 speeches today already, so once this is over i can relax :)


March 21, 2011

if this were my age i'd be able to buy alcohol.

but i don't do that kind of stuff so..

Day 21 - your feelings
{basically a journal entry.
i don't generally like when people post big long things,
but.. i did today}

right now i'm feeling very accomplished. i had an exhausting weekend & haven't been that tired since basketball ended. (which probably means i should do more with my life then take naps & watch t.v. with the occasional homework. just kidding, i do my homework) i'm proud of myself for being able to complete such a big task - & i did it all on my own. mom gave me GREAT ideas & tay came to kinkos with me at the wee hours of the night. (thank heavens for 24/7 service) she stayed up for a bit to help me get everything together. i'm so blessed to have a family like i do. always willing to help, loving, basically everything rolled into one big ball of nelson. i took a 4 hour nap to make up for lost times last night & woke up to a lovely dinner mom made. she's the best.

i'm really excited for the future. i thought about running for student council for a long time but never really did anything about it. i didn't really tell anyone except for a few family members. on my way home from st. george - the long 4 hour drive - i thought about it more & more & was unable to fall asleep. which is very weird for me because i could basically fall asleep anytime, anyplace of the day. i just listened to my iPod & looked outside. i mostly saw things photography mode, you know - seeing things & saying "oh! that'd be a cool picture!" but that's when i finally decided that i was going to run for student council.

it's a lot of work. i was on student council in 9th grade so i have a little experience. i know that high school student council is 10x harder but i'm willing to work. i've felt a whole lot of emotions these past few days - nervous, excited, scared, accomplished, tired, happy.. & i've spent a lot of time trying to make my things look nice.

i have my speech tomorrow during lunch & my interview after school. i'm nervous but very excited at the same time. i hope i can get my ideas accross well & in a flowing manner. wish me luck!
-taryn e.

March 20, 2011

20 down 11 to go

Day 20 - your hobbies

i don't consider the word hobby to mean something you're good at. i think it means something you like to do. 

i like to blog. i like to play basketball. i like taking pictures. i like to hang out. i like attending sporting events. i like to listen to music.i like to watch people {that sounded way to creepy, i just mean that i'm a people watcher - i enjoy watching people} i like to play the piano. i like to sing. i like to watch movies. i like to run for fun, not for distance &/or time. i like to play outside.

i've been slaving away at this dang computer all. weekend. long. no lie. friday night instead of going to a birthday party i stayed home to work on my student council portfolio. saturday day i stayed in my pajamas and didn't shower because i wasn't planning on leaving until i got the dang thing done. saturday night i {finally} showered but hopped right back into my sweats. paige, taylor, and myself had a sleepover at lindsay's house. better believe this laptop traveled with me & i slaved away on my poster rather than watching eclipse: edward & jacob fast forward. sunday day i woke up early to get started on my video to come up with ideas and such. after church taylor and i filmed it & it was time to go to the cousins house for treats. better believe i slaved away at this laptop the whole way up, the whole time there, & the whole way down. & here i sit - taking a break from the dang video that BETTER turn out.

all i know is that i hope it's all worth it! i'm scared out of my mind.


March 19, 2011



her mother just posted these fun little pics on facebook.
we suuureee partied when ever we were together!
love her. :)
Day 19 - something you regret

this may or may not have taken a lot of thought, i can't decide. i've never made a really, really big mistake or descision that has haunted me or anything like that.

there is this one time that i can remember, though.

for some reason i've been thinking about this certain thing a lot lately. maybe because new things came to the surface recently that i had absolutely no idea happened. 

i got in a fight with one of my best friends. a big one, too. no details need to be said on this world wide web but i will say that it got pretty ugly. i said things, she said things. i just got so heated & mad about what had happened & blew up! i always justified how mean i was with saying things like, "oh - she {did this} to me, i had a reason to get mad" but really, i said some harsh things. it's never ok to "get back" at someone - regardless of how bad they hurt you. some words i expressed had never come out of my mouth before.. yeah, it was that bad.

i regret some of the things i said. not all - but some. even though we've apologized to each other & are still friends, our relationship has never quite been the same. i hope in the future i can learn from this & maybe count to 10, take a deep breath & walk away :)


two of us.

it's a post from taylor!
{shocking, isn't it?}
but this next post isn't going to be about me.

she really is the greatest, no doubt.
she's the one who started this whole blog and she does an awesome job at it!
taryn seriously is my best friend.
she works so hard at everything she does and never gives up.
i can't even describe our relationship because its like no other.
i know no matter what, she will always be there.
people always ask us, "how is it being a twin?"
... well. i dont know what life is like without a twin, and i never intend to.
i always have a friend. always.
yeah, we may get into some arguments but they never last longer than 7 minutes.
i feel so weird when i'm by myself because we're always together.
we may as well be connected at the hip.
i'm nervous for when we get married and can't be best friends anymore.
{i mean, sure we can be best friends.. but you catch my drift, yeah?}
anyways. i guess i just wanted to say
i love you tar!


March 18, 2011

oh, for the love: day 18

Day 18 - something that makes you happy

baseball games!

season just started & i'm struggling a bit on attending the games. {which has never happened before. i usually never miss a single one!} it's fun watching dad coach! & i just love baseball :)

now - i'm off to compose my student council portfolio. wish me luck!


March 17, 2011

summer, please. & 17 AGAIN!

i'm craving summer. i think i have senioritis? {1} i want school to be over. no, scratch that. i need school to be over. i just wanna get oouuuttt! {2} i'm excited for (most of) the seniors to be gone, yep. i said it! bye, bye, bye class of 2011 - your time is up!
summer, please.

|| happy st. patricks day! ||

Day 17 - your favorite movie

i love movies & basically every one i see is a new fav.
i just can't narrow it down!

she's the man.
justin bieber: never say never - holla!
twilight saga!!
what happens in vegas.
17 again.
cinderella story.
deja vu.
{all disney princess movies}

March 16, 2011

sweet sixteen

Day 16 - your favorite class

medical anatomy & physiology,

me tay tanner jord tori

my favorite class for many reasons.

{1} dad's the teacher! a good one, too. even though his family stories are sometimes embarassing, it's still fun. i like watching him teach - sometimes i just sit there & i'm like woah, you're my dad! love him.. so much!

{2} the people above. oh, & kevin - he took the picture. [it makes me laugh.. for numerous reasons] we talk all the time about anything & everything. literally anything & everything. sometimes dad gets mad, oops! for some reason when we walk into room 218 all our guards fly out the window & it's like secret time for an hour and twenty minutes. it's awesome :) i love it & i love them.. so much!

thanks MAP, you make life that much funner.
(even though that's not a word)


March 15, 2011

2 claps for cute stuff

these pictures are cute things in my sisters houses.

my aunt courtney made this cute circus queen
& this other fun frame you may have seen on nie nie. 

i love cute things.

cause when you're FIFTEEEEN!

Day 15 - some goals

i have a whole lot of short term/long term goals
that i hope to achieve someday!

get my personal progress done
get at least a 3.6 this term
don't be late to b4 anymore
get 32 followers by the end of the year
read my scriptures everyday
work out during the summer
cut the sugar/pop intake down {rough}
get married in the temple
have a good relationship with my husband & kids
make a difference in someone's life
get over the small things
break out of theee shell!
never quit.


March 14, 2011

Day 14 - your favorite cliche


i love justin bieber.
i was a belieber long before the other chicks so for me this isn't quite as big of a cliche... but considering others' opinions, he's for sure #1 on my cliche list.

oh. & i'm also a sucker for cliche chick flick quotes.
those are fun :)


March 13, 2011

lucky 13!

Day 13 - your family

the whole nelson family's lucky number is 13, fancy that!

i love my family more than i can even begin to describe! they're my best friends & i'd rather play with them than anyone else.

first: mom & dad.
they both have taught me so much & i'm soo grateful to be their daughter. i'm grateful that because they were married in the temple our family can be together forever!

child #1: lindsay

yeah, she was chosen to be the "billboard bride" for thanksgiving point. she was on all of their hand outs, advertisements & a billboards, HOLLA. 

{joey} & her cute little family.

child #2: brooks

he works at timpanogos & used to be my personal driver :) {boosa} brings good stories to the fam.

child #3: brynne

here's {du beena}'s cute little fam. she's so easy to talk to & is always positive!! ALWAYS. she works so hard & cares about everyone so much. she's the peacemaker for sure!

child #4: paige

she & jord are expecting their first - it's a girl :) & i couldn't be more thrilled!! paige is soo funny and i love when she comes down from logan to play with us. {peeps} makes every family gathering so much fun!

child #5: mckay
he's our gaurdian angel! (i'm sad our scanner isn't hooked up or else i'd have a pic)

child #6: jensen

ohh {nessy jj} - serving a mission in montana (let's count how many times i've said that on here) i miss him but am so grateful that he's doing what's right & that his health is getting better. he's so fun to be around! i miss driving around telling eachother our secret stories that m&d weren't supposed to find out ;)

child #7: taryn

oh that's me - HOLLA.

child #8: taylor

well {tayda-bayda} is so much fun :) i've said soo much about how much i like her & her presence. what a joy she brings :)

i love my family SOOO much. especially after our fun little vacay to st. geezy! i love baseball season for many reasons but the top one being my family. we all get along so well & have a freaking good time whenever we're together! there's never a dull moment - ever!

love you all! i'm so grateful to be a part of this wonderful family!

- taryn nelson.

March 12, 2011

i'm sick of seeing march madness posts.

i've been in st. geeeezy for the past few days. the annual baseball trip, HOLLA!

i got a makeover - walking around feeling like i was 30 was great. the baseball game made me a little nervous today. i forgot that i kinda freak out sometimes. (the girl behind me basically told me to chill)

i found a new pet peeve.
when you get denied the kids menu.

like really?! i know i'm not 12, but sometimes i'm not that hungry & i don't want to spend one million dollars on food i'm not going to eat! "you can't do that..." URG. instead i was forced to order an item on the "big kids" menu. i'm spending money to eat at your restaurant, let me order what i want! would you rather me not get anything? ANNNDD get this. i ordered a refillable root beer float {it was $4 mind you} & they didn't even refill my vanilla ice cream!! if i wanted rootbeer i would have ordered it.

the brick oven in st george, utah disappointed me very much. if you're ever near, don't go! they'll offend you & make you in a bad mood for the rest of the day. just sayin.



Day 12 - your favorite place to shop

i've truly never bought anything from them, but i still like to site shop! i can't walk in the place without wishing i lived there & owned one of everything. it's so funky & cute. although i could only afford these simply ponytail holders, it's still an adventure.


March 11, 2011

e l e v e n

Day 11 - an angel - we've all got 'em

my grandpa nelson, my uncle dave, & my brother mckay are all angels that are watching over me & my family that i love & miss very, very much!

tracy olsen is sky's mom who was like a second mother to me for the few years that i got to know her. i miss the times when we would just hop in the car & go to the gas station for a treat or when she'd take us out to dinner or a movie. i never expected the emotional experience that my best friends went through at that time, but it brought a circle of friends a lot closer. i think about her all the time; i miss & love her very much, too!

my brother mckay was a born in between paige & jensen. he's the 5th child of 8! i love hearing my mom talk about him & tell the stories of when he was a baby. she says that he probably would have looked like me & tay because he had strawberry-ish hair.

when he was 4 months old he passed away from SIDS. (sudden infant death syndrome) it was very unexpected & my mom says it was one of the most spiritual experiences she has experienced in her life. although he's not physically here, he still is! i always think about how he's watching me & the decisions i make. i want him to be proud of me & proud of my actions & decisions. i think about him all the time & what our relationship would be like, who he'd be friends with, etc.. 

i know that families are forever & if i live righteously i will be able to see him again, & i'm sooo excited for that! i want to see him so i need to be making the right decisions in order to do so. love you mckay reese!! thanks for watching over me & protecting me! 

- tar!