March 8, 2011


Day 08 - what you did today.

this is what i did today.

a whole lotta nothin.

wake up. eat breakfast. get ready. scrape the 5 layers of ice off the windshield (which is so embarassing because i live on the street that everyone from lindon drives on going to school. they get to experience me scraping the windshield each & every morning- i'm sure they're laughing because i get flustard) go to school. come home.

catch up on my girl shows from monday night. PLL & bachelor {aren't they the best?!}

dear michelle.
i don't understand why so many girls were taking your side? like, you're kind of a brat & who cares if you're being sarcastic, it's still b.e.a.s.t.l.y. the things you said. wait, did you say that you were here for the right reasons & you missed your daughter enough times? because.. i'm not sure you got that poing accross well enough. HA.
{here i am saying that all the things she said were mean, then i go on a rant about her.. hypocritical me- oops}

take a nap, HOLLA. {i can't go a day without one} do some homework & eat dinner. now, i'm sitting here blogging, wishing american idol was on. yes, i'm that lazy.


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  1. my brothers wife's daughter is in the same kindergarden class as michelles daughter and........ michelle(from the bachelor) doesent even have custody of her daughter and is mormon!!!! she is a liar i hate her hahaha


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