March 5, 2011

there was a farmer who had a dog and {cinco} was his name-o!

Day 05 - your best friend

i think it's prettty obvious who my best friend is, but the list don' lie & i do what it says. take a quick flash at the header (or everything else on the blog).... i'm sure you'll figure it out...

 she's so good at everything she does, seriously!! she's always so positive about things & always willing to help people. i noticed a lot this past basketball season that when someone would mess up, she'd always be the first to tell them they were ok, or shake it off, you'll get it next time! everyone always calls her the nicer twin, so.. i guess that means something ;) she reads her scriptures every single night. even when we're so tired & just ready to go to bed, she's reading away because she knows that it's what she's supposed to be doing.

we get a little crazy when we're together, especially when no one else is around! sometimes it's fun to be the only ones home cause we just sing songs at the top of our lungs & have a p.a.r.t.y! when we were little we tried making up our own language and would talk to each other in it so no one else would understand what we were saying. i don't think anyone can ever be as best of friends as we are! she's been my best friend since birth! no, since we were in the womb! NO, since the egg split :)
i love you tayda-bayda!


  1. awe, what a beauty of a tribute to your sis! i've heard of other twins who make up their own language and always wished i had someone to do that with - too cool is what!

    thanks so much for visiting me lades and the addition on your blog roll, super sweet!

    happy weekend wishes to you both. ♥

  2. you two!! i cant get enough. i love you both. i wish i had a twin sister you.


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