March 20, 2011

20 down 11 to go

Day 20 - your hobbies

i don't consider the word hobby to mean something you're good at. i think it means something you like to do. 

i like to blog. i like to play basketball. i like taking pictures. i like to hang out. i like attending sporting events. i like to listen to music.i like to watch people {that sounded way to creepy, i just mean that i'm a people watcher - i enjoy watching people} i like to play the piano. i like to sing. i like to watch movies. i like to run for fun, not for distance &/or time. i like to play outside.

i've been slaving away at this dang computer all. weekend. long. no lie. friday night instead of going to a birthday party i stayed home to work on my student council portfolio. saturday day i stayed in my pajamas and didn't shower because i wasn't planning on leaving until i got the dang thing done. saturday night i {finally} showered but hopped right back into my sweats. paige, taylor, and myself had a sleepover at lindsay's house. better believe this laptop traveled with me & i slaved away on my poster rather than watching eclipse: edward & jacob fast forward. sunday day i woke up early to get started on my video to come up with ideas and such. after church taylor and i filmed it & it was time to go to the cousins house for treats. better believe i slaved away at this laptop the whole way up, the whole time there, & the whole way down. & here i sit - taking a break from the dang video that BETTER turn out.

all i know is that i hope it's all worth it! i'm scared out of my mind.


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  1. agreed total. and people watching is a beloved pastime for me too, especially while traveling and then you get to absorb behaviors much different than our own. it's cool for sure.

    seems like you are completely committed to this project lades, i wish you the absolute best turn out. i'm sure it will amaze all who see it. cheers. ♥


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