March 25, 2011

what's with the boring posts & no pictures? oh yeah, march madness.

Day 25 - something you're afraid of

this always happens! something happens that day & then i go to blog & the march madness is exactly what occured earlier. today in seminary, the question of the day was "what is one of your phobias" mmm.

i couldn't think of one until someone said "i'm afraid that the person i marry turns out to be someone totally different than i thought." oh my gosh - that is a phobia. one that i'm terrified of happening. it's scary to think that you know someone when you really don't, ya know? i've had my share of burning bridges of trust but i do think that you should always give someone a second chance. always. when those chances turn in to 3rd & 4th & 5th - that's the problem. i'm also afraid of the usual: mice, spiders, kidnapped/raped (although if someone told me not to scream or else something bad would happen, i'd scream at the top of my lungs. it's much better to die right then (if they really will) then go through what most kidnapped children go through). just a thought.

i survived primary elections!!

today i spent most the day with the blue team!!! i'm so excited - i had soo much fun today. :) it was stressful & i'm beat, but i already feel connected with the other canidates & it's just been one day! HOLLA. oh yeah, & i got asked to prom. :)

bada-ba-ba-baaaa, i'm lovin' it. :)


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