March 19, 2011



her mother just posted these fun little pics on facebook.
we suuureee partied when ever we were together!
love her. :)
Day 19 - something you regret

this may or may not have taken a lot of thought, i can't decide. i've never made a really, really big mistake or descision that has haunted me or anything like that.

there is this one time that i can remember, though.

for some reason i've been thinking about this certain thing a lot lately. maybe because new things came to the surface recently that i had absolutely no idea happened. 

i got in a fight with one of my best friends. a big one, too. no details need to be said on this world wide web but i will say that it got pretty ugly. i said things, she said things. i just got so heated & mad about what had happened & blew up! i always justified how mean i was with saying things like, "oh - she {did this} to me, i had a reason to get mad" but really, i said some harsh things. it's never ok to "get back" at someone - regardless of how bad they hurt you. some words i expressed had never come out of my mouth before.. yeah, it was that bad.

i regret some of the things i said. not all - but some. even though we've apologized to each other & are still friends, our relationship has never quite been the same. i hope in the future i can learn from this & maybe count to 10, take a deep breath & walk away :)


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