March 23, 2011

another reason why #23 is a favorite number

Day 23 - your favorite radio station

97.1 ; 100.7 ; 103.9 ; 99.5 ;
ke$ha, ry cumming, bieber {obviously}, paramore, tyler hilton, chris brown, the script, jason derulo & the occasional rooftops.
it's funny how fast the radio can change my mood. i love it :)
for young womens we went & did baptisms for the dead. dad was able to come & that was soooo good to have him there with us. i've had such a stressful week with student council stuff & the last week of the term. i love going to the temple. it brings me such peace & comfort! i've been worried about wether or not i'm going to make student council & i know that whatever happens i will be ok! i felt the spirit soo strongly & am grateful for the gospel in my life & that i'm able to attend the temple.

oh, & ..................................................

i can not believe you're 100 already.
i love you, i do!!!!
- tar!

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  1. tare bear i have been meaning to call you all week to see how things were going... dont stress out too much! call you soon. love you!


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