March 19, 2011

two of us.

it's a post from taylor!
{shocking, isn't it?}
but this next post isn't going to be about me.

she really is the greatest, no doubt.
she's the one who started this whole blog and she does an awesome job at it!
taryn seriously is my best friend.
she works so hard at everything she does and never gives up.
i can't even describe our relationship because its like no other.
i know no matter what, she will always be there.
people always ask us, "how is it being a twin?"
... well. i dont know what life is like without a twin, and i never intend to.
i always have a friend. always.
yeah, we may get into some arguments but they never last longer than 7 minutes.
i feel so weird when i'm by myself because we're always together.
we may as well be connected at the hip.
i'm nervous for when we get married and can't be best friends anymore.
{i mean, sure we can be best friends.. but you catch my drift, yeah?}
anyways. i guess i just wanted to say
i love you tar!


1 comment:

  1. love this (:
    I wish I was a twin, everytime I see either of you guys,
    you're so lucky and I adore both of you (: fun seein you tonight Tay! you should post more often, I loved this! (:



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