December 30, 2010

sayonara 2010

one word describing 2010:
2009 was the best year so we can't really blame 2010 for being somewhat of a let down. it was definitely good and definitely very hard. here are some highlights from the 12 months in twenty-ten! horray!
 these were the best friends. we were the bunch of misfit teenagers.. outcasts, if you will. we kind of broke off of a big group of friends and made our own little guild. our weekends consisted of laughing and laughing, with an occasional bowling night & macey's ice cream.
 this big fella, a.k.a. jenSTINK, went to serve the Lord in billings, montana. 
 we took a family vaca to st. george to watch my dad's baseball team in a tournament. we also made a stop at the st. george temple (which is the brightest thing i've ever seen) 
prom treated us well.
(taylor's pictures turned out great, taryn's.. didn't)
haws ephriam peterson was born! the best baby in the world. (taryn also got her first little somethin somethin' from a certain someone, that was definitely something to document)
 we both won tickets to the backstreet boys concert & taylor's winnings included VIP passes to the sound check party! we've been true, dedicated fans since we were 4.
tate turned 4. dad turned...39. and we celebrated the 4th of july! our favorite holiday.
we went to efy & had sooo much fun!
we ran through corn fields in the rain & started our junior year at timpanogos high school. joy.
taylor went to homecoming & this bloggy was BORN! 
halloween was a hit, hosa had many fun activities, we went to sadies, & attended the traditional sisterhood party at thanksgiving point with our mom & sisters.
 we turned 17!!!! had another minimal day, & basketball started.
 basketball basically took over our lives, we got the BEST christmas present ever!, & spent lots & lots of time with family.
hope your year was as fun-filled as ours...
bring on 2011!  
just one more year until graduation, huzzah!!

-taryn & taylor

December 28, 2010

this (somewhat) winter season...

i hate the winter. it's too cold & i'm too scared of driving in the snow. butch doesn't like it, he slips & slides & makes me all scared. there hasn't been too much of that white puffy stuff around. {that just means it'll still be snowing in april, according to previous ..801.. weather forecasts} it's just been rainy & brown outside which makes me a little depressed.... moving forward- a few reasons why i've kept myself going rather than curl up in a ball & sleep all day this season.

[p.s. i'm sorry i don't have an expensive camera to make my pictures look nice, santa must be saving it for next year]

1. best friends! as stated here, for sarah's birthday we went to macey's, got ice cream/mustaches, & laughed the whole time. |we get a little crazy when we're together| they're the greatest!


2. now, on to these pretty little things.


there can't be Christmas without some ugly sweaters..
am i right, or am i right? name the movie...

we tried to make these pictures as white trash as possible.

3. seminary bowl: yes, my {taryn} class got last place. no big deal. we came to the conclusion that we're more spiritual because we weren't competitive & were nice to fellow seminary students. for other classes, that wasn't the case. i'm suprised we didn't have to call 911. (some people will do anything to win) hooray for scripture mastery!

4. do you not just want to die over this kid? i do. baby haws is the sweetest one out there. seriously, look at him! he's an angel.


there are my ramblings for the day.
now off to bed to awake to a day filled with
basketball & hanging with the fam...
nothing new.
-taryn e.

December 23, 2010

the BEST christmas present ever...


spending time with the fam!! ALL of the fam.
elder needs surgery, so he's home for a breif time.
so excited for this christmas season :)

the worst christmas present ever..

we know these last posts have been sooo lame and all about celebrities, but we promise this will be the last for awhile. . . . . .

they're over.
we've always been fans of the band, but have recently become obsessed. like seriously, they're all we have been listening to (aside from biebs, jonas, and bsb..our 9 year old little girl lovies). we can't get enough of their album Brand New Eyes, our friend makayla got it for us. every song is sooo so soooo good & the lyrics are PRIME. like really, we're more than upset. right as our obsession was increasing they break up. oh well, guess our punk side will just have to find a new love to replace. still though, they were our FAV.

r.i.p. paramore, we're oh so sad to see you go.

December 22, 2010

i'm so sick & tired of being sick & tired....

so i stopped :)

we thought i just had a little 24 hour bug, but after 3 days of being locked in my cave my dad took me to the doctor. (p.s. it was a pediatric doctor, meaning that the waiting room was filled with babies & toddlers; i out weighed each and every patient by at least 95 pounds) they swabbed my throat & it took a good 5 mintues for the test results to get back. strep. i was expecting a shot & that didn't bother me at all. |confession- i kind of like shots? in a non-creepy/emo sort of way| but i didn't get one. just some prescription pill larger than the size of my thumb. i did a whole lot of sleeping & watching shows. if i weren't sick i would have l.o.v.e.loved it! but now i'm feeling so much better & ready to party with family & friends this christmas break!

while in my cave, i was reintroduced to my love with jonas.
                               (mainly this one)

he reminds us of..... some kid we love. :)

December 21, 2010

weekend lovin.

i know taryn is usually the one to post everthing, but i'm taking advantage of her illness & updating a little.
lets start with friday.

-AF has no class.
besides the fact they beat our boys by 30+ points, there is no need to walk out of the game 3 minutes before it ended singing "hey, hey, hey, goodbye" continuously & then line up outside the doors, forcing the THS parents & students to walk through your classless, chanting, faces.
boo you, cavemen.

-anyways, then we {taylor, taryn, ker, sar, maddie, & kiley} made fools of ourselves attempting to sing with a blindfold and blasted earphones, only proving to the each other how bad of singers we really are.

-sometimes we don't care what we look like. this was the case for 
saturday evening. twinners, sar & ker showed up to tyson's birthday 
party in sweats and no makeup. 
we looked so hot.

-sunday my sister won tickets to see david archuleta & the motab choir perform. boy was it a treat. i've always been a fan of archuleta, but my love grew for him and his voice. he's a new fave for sure.

-tar has been sick yesterday & today, with no signs of getting better. i've been as bored as ever with out her.

-lets pray this christmas break is all it's cracked up to be.
it's a much needed break from school & all the stress.
i know of a special secret that i'm just dying to get out, literally.

December 20, 2010

a little catching up.

i know it's a little late,
but here's a shout out to 
the best friend, sar.


i wish i had more pictures from elementary to show how long we've been friends,
but this will just have to do.

for sar's birthday we went to lunch, got ice cream, & grew mustaches.
oh there is never a dull moment when we're together!
happy {late} birthday sar,
you're the best!

December 18, 2010

wants vs. wants


#1. sailor shoes. i've been a fan since day 1.
#2. rock ring- just look at it!
#3. light gray cowl scarf- i'm in a scarffy mood lately.
#4. nikon d60- now, obviously it's a want waayy out there, but still one high on the list :)
#5. jean jacket- in style & can go with lots of things.
#6. adobe photoshop- you can't have a good camera w/o photoshop.
#7. neutral colored boots- more of a need.
#8. neutral colored belt- obviously in style, plus- the daybook inspired me.
santa, i'd love me some of these.. please?!

December 15, 2010

brookside pride.

love me some acai berries.

i'm obsessed with these delicious treats from brookside.
dark chocolate covered acai {a ki} with blueberry.

tomorrow is the big game,
timpanogos vs. springville.
state championship '10 rematch
i'm more than excited!

December 13, 2010

look who's back on the market

i'll be the first to admit that i couldn't have been happier when the news broke out.

these two are toast.

| bummer....not |


seriously, look at this kid.
he. is. a. dream.
hey, i'm single lady..
feel free to put a ring on it.

December 9, 2010

celebrity sighting.

let's just say it was a bieber thanksgiving.
we saw him at the movies,
we went to walmart at 12 am with anticipation to get his new cd
only to find out it would be released in 5 more hours.
but hey, that doesn't stop us!
here's to you, jb. you never disappoint.
much love,
- twinners

December 6, 2010

we're so pretty after 2.5 hours of practice.


1. fake a smile.
2. practice was definitely not fun today. horrible, actually.
3. same clothes, same face.


"wait, is there a mirror on the court? or are those just the twins?"
very funny, sunshine.


December 5, 2010

game programs, come get your game programs.

as a fundraiser for HOSA we had to sell game programs at BYU Football games. was it fun? NO. standing out in the freezing cold & being rejected by strangers isn't really how i like to spend my day. (not to mention i didn't get to sleep in 'till 12.30 on game days) obviously there are no more home games. PRAISE! even though it wasn't the funnest and we got the retarded tingles everytime a timpview basketball player walked by, we made the most of it.

December 4, 2010

dramas anonymous.

i kind of like the new facebook trend that has overcome timpanogos high school.

make a fake facebook profile where you can talk crap and start drama.

i personally think it's hilarious. everyone is calling these anonymous people "soo dramatic" when really, they're the ones who are cussin' it up & getting mad at what  Timpanogos Man Smith, Timpanogos Girl Smith, or Petter Knows says, clearly making it more dramatic then what it already is.

you tell them the dirt, and they post it on facebook. i guess it'd be different if i were the one getting hashed on, but oh well. i think i'd just laugh. it reminds me of the We Love You PG blog that was made, basically the same thing. i feel bad for the people who are victims, but i'll be the first to admit, you're very entertaining.

my confession?
i guess i love other people's drama. i (sometimes) like when they vent to me about their issues. & i sometimes don't like minding my own business.
another confession?
my eyes are the first wandering set when you're sitting next to me texting.

2 claps for you, anonymous facebook people. you keep me entertained.


p.s. happy 30th post, blog. you've been entertaining as well.