December 4, 2010

dramas anonymous.

i kind of like the new facebook trend that has overcome timpanogos high school.

make a fake facebook profile where you can talk crap and start drama.

i personally think it's hilarious. everyone is calling these anonymous people "soo dramatic" when really, they're the ones who are cussin' it up & getting mad at what  Timpanogos Man Smith, Timpanogos Girl Smith, or Petter Knows says, clearly making it more dramatic then what it already is.

you tell them the dirt, and they post it on facebook. i guess it'd be different if i were the one getting hashed on, but oh well. i think i'd just laugh. it reminds me of the We Love You PG blog that was made, basically the same thing. i feel bad for the people who are victims, but i'll be the first to admit, you're very entertaining.

my confession?
i guess i love other people's drama. i (sometimes) like when they vent to me about their issues. & i sometimes don't like minding my own business.
another confession?
my eyes are the first wandering set when you're sitting next to me texting.

2 claps for you, anonymous facebook people. you keep me entertained.


p.s. happy 30th post, blog. you've been entertaining as well.


  1. agree
    hahaha you're hilarious fyi.
    but yes. i love looking at their posts ha

  2. ummm...we're twinz. i have the biggest love/hate relationship with drama. i love hearing everyone else's drama and talking about it. i hate when i have drama. i'm also glad i'm not the only person who peeks at texts. i hate it when people cover up their phones.


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