December 23, 2010

the worst christmas present ever..

we know these last posts have been sooo lame and all about celebrities, but we promise this will be the last for awhile. . . . . .

they're over.
we've always been fans of the band, but have recently become obsessed. like seriously, they're all we have been listening to (aside from biebs, jonas, and bsb..our 9 year old little girl lovies). we can't get enough of their album Brand New Eyes, our friend makayla got it for us. every song is sooo so soooo good & the lyrics are PRIME. like really, we're more than upset. right as our obsession was increasing they break up. oh well, guess our punk side will just have to find a new love to replace. still though, they were our FAV.

r.i.p. paramore, we're oh so sad to see you go.

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