December 6, 2010

we're so pretty after 2.5 hours of practice.


1. fake a smile.
2. practice was definitely not fun today. horrible, actually.
3. same clothes, same face.


"wait, is there a mirror on the court? or are those just the twins?"
very funny, sunshine.



  1. ha ha.. that IS pretty funny though ;) i la you two

  2. okay this might be really creepy seeing as this post is super old and you don't even know me. i'm friends with cassidy and realllly like your blog because i am a red-headed twin too. but anyway, my computer freaked out as i was blog stalking (as i usually do) and brought me to this page. i just wanted to say 1. you guys are super cool twins. and 2. me and my sister are 32 and 23 in basketball too. yaaay for creepy posts and creepy things :)


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