May 28, 2013



"Land of the free because of the brave..."

May 24, 2013


Remember what happened at  // last years state tournament? // Well, that sort of happened again. If you would have asked anyone if they predicted us taking 3rd in state during the middle of the season, everyone would have said no. It really is crazy to think about how far this team has come and how hard they fought to make it as far as they did. The first time we played Maple Mountain we got ten-runned, and to think that we came inches away from beating them out of the tournament with one of the best pitchers in the state (and to lose in extra innings) ... it's amazing!


It's always sad when the season is over because our family spends day in and day out at the ball park. (This time is especially said for us because we won't be here next season) Baseball isn't just a game for us - it really means so much! Thanks for such a great season, boys!

May 19, 2013


Our cute mom has been doing weddings for as long as we can remember. Following her around setting up decorations and helping with flowers is always something we've done. We now work for her friend who is an event specialist and sometimes they team up to create something magnifico. We can now hang banners and paper garlands from the ceiling in our sleep! The reception took place in a cute barn in Highland and everything was To. Die. For. There were cute little animals running around and eating the green grass outside, and it was seriously perfect!


May 15, 2013


We relived our childhood by celebrating Hawsie's birthday at Chuck E. Cheese's the other day. Everyone is growing up so fast, it's crazy to think that he'll almost be 5 by the time we get home from our missions! We're so glad you were born Haws. Love you to the moon and back! // Thanks for the awesome party, Linds! //


May 12, 2013

12 ON 12 // MAY // MOTHER'S DAY

// 1 // Breakfast in bed for the best mom around is always necessary on Mother's Day // 2 // Prettiest peony // 3 // Mother's Day gifts // 4 // Do we not have the cutest nephews in the world? // 5 // One of our sissies announcing the gender of her baby! // 6 // Haws chowin down on a strawberry cookie // 7 // We could not be more grateful for the wonderful examples of mothers we are surrounded by // 8 // Lesnels8 at her finest // 9 & 10 // We have the best mom ever - hands down! // 11 // "Look at my ants, Twinner! I ate 2 of them" - Brigham // 12 // A sunny day without a game of catch is one wasted 

We hope you all had as good of a Mother's Day as we did! We are so grateful for our mom and all she does for us. Happiest of days Momma's!

May 10, 2013


If you click on the photo // to the right // of our half faces, it will take you to an ABOUT US page. There you can find out a little more about us as T SQUARED, then each T individually. As we were browsing through, we realized it was in deep need of a face lift and voila! Miracles happen, folks.

May 8, 2013


A really long time ago, we took our annual family vacation to St. George for our dad's baseball tournament. It's the family vacay we look forward to every year! The weather consisted of rain, rain, and more rain, but we still had a blast.

   photo IMG_5006_zpscb235de0.jpg
 photo IMG_5066_zps09ad203c.jpg
 photo IMG_5107ed_zps8f123f9c.jpg  photo IMG_5078_zps73c2e0e1.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage3_zps6d794f76.jpg  photo IMG_5162ed_zpsf9a2ff66.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage5_zps898ac670.jpg  photo IMG_4984ed_zpseb1a01c2.jpg

We love our family so much and are so grateful for the countless memories we all share at the ball park. Baseball plays such a big part in the lives of the Nelson fam and we love having something to look forward to every spring. Go T-Wolves!