May 31, 2012


the last couple weeks have been so amazing with our family, and one of the biggest events was baseball. if you know us at all, you know that our family is all about baseball. its just what we do. my dad has been coaching it for over 30 years. and i wish i could paint a picture for you of how emotionally involved we all are about it, but there's no way.  the team this year wasn't expected to do much. we even had to do a play-in game to actually get in to the state tournament. we lost the first game (double-elimination) so our tournament ride wasn't expected to be very long. but we magically won the next game... with one loss already, and having to play 7 games in the next 5 days with only 3 pitchers, you do the math.

monday, we won.
tuesday, we won.
wednesday afternoon, we won.
wednesday night, we won.
thursday night, we won.
friday morning, we won.

 after that friday morning game, when we beat skyline 12-0 and were facing them again that night for the state championship game my dad said "im afraid to be touched, i'm afraid to be pinched... i might wake up". we kept saying is this really happening? a team that had been counted out from the very beginning had just achieved the impossible and won 6 games in the last 5 days.

after one of the most intense games we have ever sat through in my entire life, we lost in 10 innings. it was so heartbreaking to be within one strike of winning the game, and have so many other opportunities to win. but to have that kind of comeback, and lose to a class-less team.. it was so hard. hard to see those boys, some of our best friends, and also our dad cry because we had never seen a team fight so hard for something. they didn't come to win second place.

a reporter wrote such a great article on the game. he said,  "Some people may wonder why I’d write this, why I’d focus so much on the losing side. Sometimes the winner/loser doesn’t matter. Sometimes what matters is the story itself, and everything that was given to make it happen.....I won’t remember the Skyline-Timpanogos game for who won and who lost. I’ll remember it because it was the greatest, most emotionally charged high school game I’d ever seen."

someone commented on an article and said...

amen, brothas! 

we love our family so much, and were so happy to spend day in- and day out, supporting our dad and cheering on those t-wolves. you were #1 in our book, that's for sure. we love you, coach!

thanks for the steal-post, paige!


  1. Such a cool story! I've been hearing all about it, because my cousin CJ Schroeppel is on the team. I'm sad they didn't win, but I still think they're all winners, for coming so far, and accomplishing so much!

  2. oh man, that was some good writin tare! ;) i seriously am still on the verge of tears... i wonder how long it will take to get over.

  3. what camera do you use?! i love just how perfect they are. all the time.

    1. i wish i could take the credit, but i actually steal a lot of my pictures from my sister paige! she uses a nikon with a 50mm 1.8 lens. it's killer!


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