May 7, 2012


in the nelson household, we did not grow up with a dog, or a cat, or anything that could come out of a cage. we just stuck to fish. can you imagine, such deprived children never growing up with a could parents ever be so mean!? ;) we would go to the extreme to take in stray cats and hide them in our bedrooms until they were found by our mom or dad. so we were ecstatic when my sister lindsay said they were getting one! we were honestly counting down the days.

it was as if she had a baby. we all went over to celebrate this cute little lady, and i wont even apologize for the kazillion pictures, because she is just too cute and sweet!
meet sadie..

we love you sadie lady! welcome to the family :)
{thanks for letting me steal your post, peeps}

-taryn & taylor


  1. Sadie is so adorable and so cuddle-able :]

  2. ha ha seriously, word-for-word. oh i just cant get over that sadie lady. miss her already!

  3. I WANT. She's so cute. I'm such a sucker for puppies... Such a sucker.

  4. Oh my gosh. Really right now? SO freaking jealous. She is absolutely adorable. Like really I'm so jealous right now.

  5. love the love for sadie girl!

  6. oh. my. gosh. what a great first post to see on your blog! my heart swoooons. i had to pause on each photo & giggle just a tiny bit! xo.


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