October 22, 2012


she's kind of awesome.

it's hard to say exactly what our favorites are from her new record, but we love: 1. state of grace 2. everything has changed - like duh, ed sheeran.. 3. 22 4. i almost do 5. starlight 6. all too well ....just to name a few!

if you're not a fan, then become one. 

October 17, 2012


fall008 PicMonkeyCollage-2

wednesdays are good days around here because we don't have certain classes, so we get to spend more time relaxing and having fun. logan is so beautiful this time of year // all the leaves are changing and all that jazz. the canyon is so pretty & red! bring on the sweaters, boots, and hot chocolate. [and as far as we're concerned, fall can stay as long as it likes because winter up here is a beezy.]

October 16, 2012


Parkway 3 ($50-100) - Svpply 
ART RIOTS // LET IT RIOT OUT on the Behance Network 
♥ GRAPHISM & FONTS / Typographic Dessert Recipe Prints by Leanda Zavian of One Little Bird Studio 

we're back guys. [ for (hopefully) good this time.] i forgot how much i love blogging, and how much i love reading other peoples stories. i literally just spent the last 2 hours reading blogs - i mean doing homework, mom! things are going to be a little different, though. no more comments. no more blogging for wrong reasons, or for the satisfaction of others - just blogging for ourselves. until next time! xoxo