April 30, 2011


i woke up today in a little debbie downer mood.

{1} snow. like really? you just ruined every hope i had of having good prom pictures. i need sunshine & green.. you cancel both of those out. not to mention i'm going to be freezing my bum off all day.

{2} i basically had the worst dream ever. & that always puts me in bad moods.

{3} my alarm this morning was a phone call from dad telling me to clean the church. YAY, my absolute fav. it atually wasn't that bad & we went to magleby's after, so.. it was all cash in the end. (2 claps for their all you can eat pancakes & buttermilk syrup. i think i'll be fine until dinner).

{4} i'm nervous?

but i'm also very excited for tonight. we spent last night at lowes xtreme air sports for our day date. there's nothing better than jumping into a huge pit of foam & not getting injured. we all decided that we could probably sleep in the pits because they were so soft. :) then we went to the malt shoppe, ate shakes, & talked for 2 hours. love this group!

wanna see a sneak peek of my dress?

she's a puurrdy thing ain' huur?
i'm real excited to show her off tonight.

tay & i are both in the same group,
so wish us luck! :)

-taryn & taylor

April 27, 2011

it's called an ushanka.

here are some pictures that taryn had to take for her photo class.
she had to experience with a lot of different filters,
that's why some of them have different exposures.

April 25, 2011

(like lady gaga..) boyce, boyce, BOYCE.

He is We - Pour Me Out <-- not the best quality.
Ne-Yo - Tonight 

everytime i'm on the computer i hit youtube,
type boyce avenue. listen to every suggested video of theirs.
then type he is we. listen to every suggested video of theirs.
2 claps for good guitar/accoustic music.

- {taryn} -

oh happy day!

look at these easter eggs we found!
{ok, the butterfly feddish will end soon, i swear.}

we like easter here at our house.
lotsa candy, lotsa fun,
but especially our savior & all he did for us!

today is brynne's birthday so we went out to lunch & hung out with her.
we've been celebrating her birthday a little bit each day this weekend.
after lunch we went shopping. :)
 caden found some awesome "thun-glath-eth".
even though you don't blog anymore,
happy birthday brynne!
thanks for always, ALWAYS being there for us.
we're so grateful to have such an awesome sister like you.
we love you!
-taryn & taylor

April 23, 2011

sometimes i'm twinners with other people..

{1} like with tor.


same jackets.
then she decided to do her hair like mine. cash.

{2} & with sar.



oh & p.s. - baby rowan & her momma paige stayed with us for a couple days. she's still as precious as can be. it makes me wish i was graduated from college - NO MORE SCHOOL.. EVER!!, married, & had a 3 week old baby of my own.

April 21, 2011

sue us.

did you hear about this movie?
we have tickets for 12:01 tonight with our sisters.

we love r. patz.. sue us.


April 19, 2011

the music icon hits t squared.

did you see this gadget on our sidebar?

click it.

well if you click on it, it will take you to a page
with all posts containing the MUSIC label.

so, for starters, here's a fun song miss cass has on her blog.
it's weird & fun, we're in love.

-twinners :)

here's your cheesy taryn post for the day.. keyword CHEESY.

my mom found out how much i love butterflies {hence the header} & brought me this home from work while i was on my death bed...

i love it!

mainly because they're all pretty. you know, there are some chammy butterfly pictures out there, but you won't find any on this magazine cover, which is great. :)

i love butterflies not only because they're pretty, but because of their story. they start out as nasty little catepillars that are pretty gross. a certain time comes in every catepillars life when they decide to make a cocoon. after awhile, it's time for them to come out of that cocoon.. & it isn't easy. they have to struggle & fight with everything they have in order to break free. & once they do, they become BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLIES! YAYYYY! :):):)

all jokes aside, life is like butterflies. we all have struggles! they may be different, but regardless, we all have them. & no matter how "big" or "small" they may seem to others, it's still freaking hard for the person going through it. (yes, i dropped the "mormon f bomb") life is rough. sometimes, we can kind of control what goes on by the things we get involved in. the thing that matters most is attitude. i've learned so much about attitude my whole high school career.

it's funny because the times that i've been physically/mentally/emotionally struggling the most, my testimony & my spirituality have grown tre.mendously. & really, that's all that matters. life is the cocoon & we all need to struggle & fight in order to be made into butterflies.

"He never said it would be easy, He just said it would be worth it."


April 18, 2011

i think i'm psychic, because i imagined things would happen today - then they did.

you know, i think i should get my tonsils out because i have strep...

yes, i skipped school. yes, i did miss an a day. yes, i am going to have loads of make-up work. {i hate missing a days, they're the worst.} & yes, while i was in the doctor's office i out-weighed every other patient by 93 pounds {because i ate 1 burger in 2 days i lost 2 pounds, HA! shows how much i eat e'rryday.}

today wasn't all blue & gloom, though.

i spent the day with my lovely mother. {& tay when she got home from school} we laughed and watched the tele, particularly the  "william & kate" movie on lifetime. now, i'm suddenly obsessed with their story of royalty & romance.

then Timps Angels wrote this on my wall on facebook.

Congratulations on next years Student Council. You are going to do awesome, and you can seriously make a change at THS. There are many people who secretly look up to you; never change who you are for anyone, unless its for the better.

what pals! the whole dramas anonymous thing was getting way out of hand. i soon found it annoying & rude rather than funny & entertaining. yet, people started making ones that said nice things about people. 2 claps for the saints in the world.


April 17, 2011

here's an earful.

i applied to be a lifeguard at seven peaks water park because there are a couple girls in my ward who work there and have the time of their lives. you get paid to stand in the sun all day, who wouldn't want to work there? i got called back for an interview on wednesday and i thought it went really well, but that was only half of the interview. the other half was a swim test yesterday. beside the fact you had to wear a 1 piece and my purchase the night before could have looked like i shopped in my grandma's closet, it was easily the hardest thing i have ever done. easily.

i mean, i aint on the swim team, but i can swim. the first part of the test was easy. you just had to swim in a 13ft pool for 3 minutes, then the last minute you had to hold your arms above the water. not so bad.

i heard the brick was hard, but i never imagined it to be that hard {okay. it's not an actual house brick. it's just a weight in the shape of a brick so that's what they call it.} you have to swim accross the pool, grab the brick at the bottom and continue to swim backwards with your head and brick above the water. i didn't want to fail so i kept trying and trying to swim to the other end, attempting to hold the brick above the water, but everytime i kept going under and losing my breath. i honestly almost drowned. i finally just had to drop the brick and hold onto the lane divider to catch my breath. the lifeguard in charge of the drill dove into the pool to grab the brick, then came up to tell me i did a good job. honestly? i just failed. please don't tell me i did  a good job. he told me i can do it as many times as i wanted. to heck i was going to go back and try it again.

the third part was just saving a life guard. nbd.

then we had to swim 3-100's. {a 100 is there & back, there & back}. okay, here's the part where the "i aint on the swim team" comes in. i was so tired after the first 100 and i still had 2 more to go. swimming is seriously sooo tiring. you use your whole body to swim. not just your legs or arms. your whole body.

after the 2nd 100 with me being the only one left in the pool with a huge line of people waiting their turn, probably laughing at me struggling, i was [ this ] close to quitting. my intentions got the best of me and i just thought, maybe this isn't my place to be. my body was hurting too much and it was just too hard. but then i thought of how dissappointed my family would be because they all know how bad i want this. how dissappointed i would be. something inside me just told me to keep going. thankfully it was enough to help me finish.

that was the last of the test and i was ready to go home. i hopped in the car and just started bawling. i could barely feel my arms and legs. they said if you pass the swim test they'll call you by the 23rd to take the lifeguarding classes and be certified. i'll honestly be surprised if they call me back.

well i guess i can say i learned my lesson. i got home knowing that i didn't do the best, but i did my best, and that's all that matters.


spring break 2011!

the week started out with spending lots & lots of time with baby ro & her mom as they had a sleepover for a few days. we miss them soo much!

then we spent a lot of time with miss tori. what a friend that girl is! we made lots of adventures driving around & eating like fat kids. we made cupcakes {& frosting, mind you} & delivered them to some of our most favorite people.

sometimes googling "easy frosting recipes" will lead you in the wrong direction & AFTER you make the stuff you'll read comments that say DO NOT TRY THIS!! IT'S HORRIBLE, CLUMPY, & TASTES AWEFUL!! shoot, dawg. it actually turned out pretty good.

yummy yummy for our tummies.



we spent our saturday at the ballpark, holla! one of our very favorite games was played today - timpanogos vs. viewmont. it's a tradition to play them every year because my dad not only played there, but was a freaking allstar. {they retired his jersey number - he was that good!} all of the nelson clan lives up near viewmont & most of our cousins go there, so we just play them every year & have a barbeque.

we. got. fried. it was such a nice day & it's been so cold lately that we didn't even think about bringing sunscreen. our bad. & we both have very weird tan lines. please bless they go away by PROM! then, taylor shattered taryn's iPhone. yes, the screen is cracked x10 & you get glass pieces in your ear after every time you talk on it. rough.


April 14, 2011

the dress hunt comes to an end.

because i'm a picky person & i hate the standard prom dresses out there, my mother is making mine. i saw a picture of one that i absolutely could not get out of my mind & that's what we're basing it off of. also, since i'm a selfish person who doesn't want my secret out, i'm keeping the picture to myself. lo siento, readers. i am having troubles deciding which shoes to wear however...


my stylish aunt, courtney, is letting me borrow her shoes, once again. {yes, if you need a cute pair of heels, she's the gal you see.. she has lots.} i can't decide because both match my dress perfectly! they're both ta-da & i am just excited for prom. :)


so help me out.. which one should i wear?!

check it.

just take a look at this. i'm really obsessed.


April 13, 2011

oh, today.

this is me today.

i had my very first interview. ever.
i was kinda nervous.
hopefully it all went well. i'm gonna be a busy girl if it did.
over & out.

April 11, 2011

hi, meet our new obsession.

just look at her & you'll understand.

-tar & tay

April 9, 2011

more blue team / we've got spirit, yes we do... / baby rowan!


after the assembly. tay's such a saint. :)




i miss my blue team!
but i'm so excited to work with basically ALL of them next year.
way to make it team, way to make it. :)

NOW! spirit bowl 2011!


this is what wannabe thuggin' 2nd placers look like.


now! our baby girl!



she's soo precious.
look at her dimples!

she turned one week yesterday. love her!

/ twinners

April 4, 2011

oh, for the love.

this is me today.

i love life.
-taryn e.

if i had all the money in the world.



& i found my perfect wedding,
{minus the excessive amount of balloons & picnic blankets...}
my wedding of choice.


April 2, 2011

the best april fool's day ever.

the long day started at 4:57 a.m. when i woke up.

{1} the assembly
blue team theme was dr. seuss!

{2} at 3:34 my baby girl was born!

rowan paige staples.
i couldn't go up to logan with the rest of my fam & that was sooo sad for me because i'd been looking forward to this day for.e.ver! i wanted to meet & hold my baby girl so badly. tay stayed home to support me.

{3} our last team meeting & get together. i never expected to get so close to a group of people. they all became my best friends & there was never a dull moment.

{4} stomp & the names REVEALED!
there weren't a lot of people at the stomp, so that was a bit of a drag.
i tried to dance my heart out, & i actually had a lot of fun!
i wanted to have fun so i forgot about everything & just danced.

since i'm at the hospital with my baby ro right now,
i don't have access to video/pictures. they'll be posted soon!
along with all my campaining things. :)

the big moment came.

when we walked into the gym my team said a prayer.
i started crying, no big deal.
then we all sat down & i was trippin. my thoughts were churning & my mind was going wild.
they went through all the other canidates & i cheered for them because i was really excited for them all!
{well, except for one. but i'll keep that to myself.}
then the skit came for SB Publicity. i felt my face flush & tears rushed to my eyes.


i walked down from the bleachers & got lacey's jacket.
she gave me the biggest hug & told me how much i deserved it.
then i found blue team members & we were all hugging each other.
tears were FLOODING. like really, i was bawling.
all my emotions from the week had been bottled up inside me & i guess they all decided to come out at once.
the skit for the president came. it was funny, but i was mad because i just wanted it to be over. first came saxton {joke} then cole {joke} then jimmer {joke} then NATE. {for real!}

still, i bawled. all my friends who came to support were hugging me & telling me how proud of me they were.
then tay gave my the biggest hug on earth & started crying with me. love her! my dad & brooks came to support as well, what champs. i was still crying until the lights turned off & it was time to go home.

i can't wait to be a part of student council next year.
i'm excited for them to announce cabinet members,
i need 2 team members to make it. they're some of my favs.

i miss my blue team.

-tar! the 2011-2012 student body publicist. :)