April 19, 2011

here's your cheesy taryn post for the day.. keyword CHEESY.

my mom found out how much i love butterflies {hence the header} & brought me this home from work while i was on my death bed...

i love it!

mainly because they're all pretty. you know, there are some chammy butterfly pictures out there, but you won't find any on this magazine cover, which is great. :)

i love butterflies not only because they're pretty, but because of their story. they start out as nasty little catepillars that are pretty gross. a certain time comes in every catepillars life when they decide to make a cocoon. after awhile, it's time for them to come out of that cocoon.. & it isn't easy. they have to struggle & fight with everything they have in order to break free. & once they do, they become BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLIES! YAYYYY! :):):)

all jokes aside, life is like butterflies. we all have struggles! they may be different, but regardless, we all have them. & no matter how "big" or "small" they may seem to others, it's still freaking hard for the person going through it. (yes, i dropped the "mormon f bomb") life is rough. sometimes, we can kind of control what goes on by the things we get involved in. the thing that matters most is attitude. i've learned so much about attitude my whole high school career.

it's funny because the times that i've been physically/mentally/emotionally struggling the most, my testimony & my spirituality have grown tre.mendously. & really, that's all that matters. life is the cocoon & we all need to struggle & fight in order to be made into butterflies.

"He never said it would be easy, He just said it would be worth it."



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