April 2, 2011

the best april fool's day ever.

the long day started at 4:57 a.m. when i woke up.

{1} the assembly
blue team theme was dr. seuss!

{2} at 3:34 my baby girl was born!

rowan paige staples.
i couldn't go up to logan with the rest of my fam & that was sooo sad for me because i'd been looking forward to this day for.e.ver! i wanted to meet & hold my baby girl so badly. tay stayed home to support me.

{3} our last team meeting & get together. i never expected to get so close to a group of people. they all became my best friends & there was never a dull moment.

{4} stomp & the names REVEALED!
there weren't a lot of people at the stomp, so that was a bit of a drag.
i tried to dance my heart out, & i actually had a lot of fun!
i wanted to have fun so i forgot about everything & just danced.

since i'm at the hospital with my baby ro right now,
i don't have access to video/pictures. they'll be posted soon!
along with all my campaining things. :)

the big moment came.

when we walked into the gym my team said a prayer.
i started crying, no big deal.
then we all sat down & i was trippin. my thoughts were churning & my mind was going wild.
they went through all the other canidates & i cheered for them because i was really excited for them all!
{well, except for one. but i'll keep that to myself.}
then the skit came for SB Publicity. i felt my face flush & tears rushed to my eyes.


i walked down from the bleachers & got lacey's jacket.
she gave me the biggest hug & told me how much i deserved it.
then i found blue team members & we were all hugging each other.
tears were FLOODING. like really, i was bawling.
all my emotions from the week had been bottled up inside me & i guess they all decided to come out at once.
the skit for the president came. it was funny, but i was mad because i just wanted it to be over. first came saxton {joke} then cole {joke} then jimmer {joke} then NATE. {for real!}

still, i bawled. all my friends who came to support were hugging me & telling me how proud of me they were.
then tay gave my the biggest hug on earth & started crying with me. love her! my dad & brooks came to support as well, what champs. i was still crying until the lights turned off & it was time to go home.

i can't wait to be a part of student council next year.
i'm excited for them to announce cabinet members,
i need 2 team members to make it. they're some of my favs.

i miss my blue team.

-tar! the 2011-2012 student body publicist. :)


  1. Tar! I finally had time to check out your cute blog. Made me wanna start updating mine again! Wonder who the not so exciting person who made it was? (I think I have an ideea haha:) Well I love your cute blog, & I love you!!

  2. Congrats my dear! I'm so excited for you :-)


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