April 25, 2011

oh happy day!

look at these easter eggs we found!
{ok, the butterfly feddish will end soon, i swear.}

we like easter here at our house.
lotsa candy, lotsa fun,
but especially our savior & all he did for us!

today is brynne's birthday so we went out to lunch & hung out with her.
we've been celebrating her birthday a little bit each day this weekend.
after lunch we went shopping. :)
 caden found some awesome "thun-glath-eth".
even though you don't blog anymore,
happy birthday brynne!
thanks for always, ALWAYS being there for us.
we're so grateful to have such an awesome sister like you.
we love you!
-taryn & taylor

1 comment:

  1. Ok those eggs are the coolest easter eggs I have ever seen! LOVE the shades pic! Too stinking cute!

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