April 14, 2011

the dress hunt comes to an end.

because i'm a picky person & i hate the standard prom dresses out there, my mother is making mine. i saw a picture of one that i absolutely could not get out of my mind & that's what we're basing it off of. also, since i'm a selfish person who doesn't want my secret out, i'm keeping the picture to myself. lo siento, readers. i am having troubles deciding which shoes to wear however...


my stylish aunt, courtney, is letting me borrow her shoes, once again. {yes, if you need a cute pair of heels, she's the gal you see.. she has lots.} i can't decide because both match my dress perfectly! they're both ta-da & i am just excited for prom. :)


so help me out.. which one should i wear?!


  1. I'm a big fan of the maddens on the left :)

  2. Dang I wish I would have known you were in need of some lace fabric! I totally would have picked you up some with I was in NY.
    You have to show us what it looks like at least after you wear it! That way no one will be able to copy you but we can still see your gorgeous self in it. :)
    I agree, I am waay too picky to just buy a dress. haha
    Loove the shoes. I think I'd go with the silver things but that's just me.


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