February 28, 2011

ode to mom!

today is mom's birthday! HOLLA.

our mom is simply the best. she is an incredibly talented woman. she's sort of like king midus, everything she touches turns to gold! no one can even begin to compare to her, she's just that good with everything she does. she is known and loved by so many people, especially in the wedding business. she's been featured on good things utah a number of times, can turn anything into a song & runs the floral shop at thanksgiving point. she's gone through soooo much & still puts all her trust & faith in the Lord. she's one of the strongest people that we know. one of our favorite things about her is that she can turn anything into a gospel related subject & isn't afraid to bare her testimony, no matter where she is.

love you mom! thanks for everything.

-taryn & taylor

February 27, 2011

it's kind of like a 30-for-30 but in words.

since basketball ended & i now have quite the amount of extra time, i decided to start something i've been wanting to start for.e.ver. beginning march 1, i'll be posting whatever it says for the day & i'll try not to be a failure. i love blogging, so this will be fun! what? everyone's doing it!
march madness:
Day 01 – a picture of yourself with 10 facts
Day 02 – your baby story
Day 03 – happiest moment
Day 04 – favorite line/quote from a movie/show
Day 05 – your best friend
Day 06 – something you love
Day 07 – a memory
Day 08 – what you did today
Day 09 – something that upsets you
Day 10 – favorite tv show

Day 11 – an angel- we've all got 'em
Day 12 – favorite place to shop
Day 13 – your family
Day 14 – favorite cliche
Day 15 – some goals
Day 16 – favorite class
Day 17 – favorite movie
Day 18 – something that makes you happy
Day 19 – something you regret
Day 20 – hobbies
Day 21 – your feelings
Day 22 – favorite fat kid food
Day 23 – favorite radio station

Day 24 – a want list
Day 25 – something that scares you
Day 26 – favorite vacation spot
Day 27 – your dream wedding 
Day 28 – something you miss
Day 29 – what you want to be when you grow up
Day 30 – dream date
Day 31 – the finale
here goes nothin.

February 23, 2011

2 claps for being twins!

we're so alike, we even get bruises in the same places.

last night we played in the state tournament, can't believe it's almost over!! today was our very last practice too. soo weird! we won by 30+ points last night, so both of us were able to get in. tar scored, HOLLA! tomorrow we play mountain crest in the quarter finals. goooooo t-wolves :)


February 16, 2011

heads up, you're about to be hit head on with a full blonde bieber!

perfect timing! one word: GLEE. 2 claps for you for putting the justin bieber experience in this week. it totally made the season and this was by far the best episode ever. we like spending our holidays with bieber but since our v day plans fell through, we decided to make up for it & reschedule for today. we didn't have practice, so what better time to go than A4?

*blogging life is rough when your computer is broken & the only camera you own that's functioning properly is the dinky one on your phone.
{1} we had to make sure justin was safe! {2} these old ladies (and one other guy who came in with his hood on & quickly took his seat- hoping no one would see him) were the only ones in the theatre with us. after the movie, they let us all know how "cute" it was.


we loved the whole thing, but other than ^,  our favorite part was when they showed "one less lonely girl" & chose from the audience. we legitly almost started crying. we'd kill to be her! JB WAS CARESSING HER ARM & SINGING TO HER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! thanks for the great day, just. you never disappoint.


oh! & p.s.- we've been fans since day one. none of this "oh i just saw the movie, so now i love him"... no.

February 13, 2011

getting out of hand.

this whole "broken computer" thing is getting out of hand.
but dont worry, we have big plans for valentines day!
{they may or may not include justin bieber}
so what if we spend our day of love celebrating our celebrity crush?
seems reasonable, right?
i think so.


February 10, 2011

one down, one to go

this boy has been serving the lord in billings, montana
{technically} for one year today.
i will be the first to say that i miss him like crazy.
even though we got to spend 6 weeks with him during the holidays,
sometimes i feel like he never even came home.
but i know he is where he's supposed to be,
and this is the best thing for him & our family right now.

             february 2010                               february 2011

keep working hard elder-
love you long time!

*you can read his inspiring words here

February 9, 2011

we're having technical difficulties.

home computer.. broken.
so we migrated to dad's laptop.
dad's laptop.. broken.
so we searched high & low to find brynne's mac.
we're just praying this fix doesn't die on us, too.
we're running into that problem a lot.


February 7, 2011

happy happy birthday tori dear.

wait... a birthday? another one? yuuup, ms. tori ware :) tori is THE NICEST person ever. she's so sweet to e.ver.y.one. i don't understand how she does it. she's like the female version of tanner marsh- she knows everything without being too nosey. people trust her & that such a hard thing to find- especially in high school. thanks for being such a great example to us tor!
we love you!
she had a party today & we were only able to stay for about.. well.. 8 minutes. (we're shaking our fists at basketball practice, which by the way, was not fun today. the lady days make it hard to enjoy doing things that have the words running, or energy because we all know those words make the cramps worse)


all happy birthdays aside..

today was rather.. overwhelming. (which is a common occurance when it's that time of the month) the alarm didn't go off in time. i didn't get to eat breakfast. the weather is wayyy too cold outside. breaking news on the latest drama at THS... w-o-w is all i can say. i can't think straight when trying to learn the other teams plays.. its difficult when we already have to remember 30+. people try to correct me & it just makes me mad. {that big lump formed in my throat. you know, the kind you get when you're sitting in the movie theatre watching the sad movie but you just don't want anyone to see you crying..}
but also
sar told me i looked way cute even though i got ready in 16 minutes this morning. brother christiansen taught a comforting lesson in seminary. medical anatomy, need i say more? having dad make me & tay pb&j sammies & eating lunch with him in his classroom. watching tate play with his friends in daycare. mrs. thomas putting my photo in the art show & telling me how well i did on the shooting assignment. playing with sar & ker, oh how i'm excited to reconnect with them in 2 weeks! going to tori's party and honking at the trillions more guests we see on our way out. rachelle talking to herself when she missed her freethrow. going to the mall & just being crazy with tay! mom bringing us dinner & listening to us complain about school & (cough cough) certain teachers. picking up brooks from work. sky.

i guess this is the post you get when my hormones are going wild. -tar

February 5, 2011

mr. c turns 1+3!

today is caden's birthday.
we just got back from the cutest superhero party you ever did see! seriously. those pics you can see later, but for now here's to you caden!


you have the sweetest spirit & the most contageous laugh. you're always filled with so much energy & always helping around grammie's house :) we love it when you say "gekaball" for basktetball & "enja turtles" for ninja turtles. thanks for being the bestest & for always saying "um..YOU TWO!" when we ask who your fav is.
we love you!


aka: ner ners!

February 3, 2011

we have high hopes for this weekend...


i realize we havent updated in a couple days.
please forgive us for the lack of time & makeup.