February 16, 2011

heads up, you're about to be hit head on with a full blonde bieber!

perfect timing! one word: GLEE. 2 claps for you for putting the justin bieber experience in this week. it totally made the season and this was by far the best episode ever. we like spending our holidays with bieber but since our v day plans fell through, we decided to make up for it & reschedule for today. we didn't have practice, so what better time to go than A4?

*blogging life is rough when your computer is broken & the only camera you own that's functioning properly is the dinky one on your phone.
{1} we had to make sure justin was safe! {2} these old ladies (and one other guy who came in with his hood on & quickly took his seat- hoping no one would see him) were the only ones in the theatre with us. after the movie, they let us all know how "cute" it was.


we loved the whole thing, but other than ^,  our favorite part was when they showed "one less lonely girl" & chose from the audience. we legitly almost started crying. we'd kill to be her! JB WAS CARESSING HER ARM & SINGING TO HER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! thanks for the great day, just. you never disappoint.


oh! & p.s.- we've been fans since day one. none of this "oh i just saw the movie, so now i love him"... no.


  1. im so happy you guys got to go! i wish i loved him as much as you do... maybe one day.
    ps. er just might be a little coppier (you know what im talking about ;) la ya anyway

  2. im so glad you loved the movie! you must go a second time with me, k? thanks for introducing me and turning me into a "belieber!":)

    ps.what is paige talking about?

  3. oh yeah, sorry peeps :)
    and we can go several times, jo!
    (putting the doll in the buckle) love you both!

  4. hahaha ....actually.
    he's mine. and ya i am the one who loved him after the movie ya ya ya ... hahah sue me! (:


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