February 23, 2011

2 claps for being twins!

we're so alike, we even get bruises in the same places.

last night we played in the state tournament, can't believe it's almost over!! today was our very last practice too. soo weird! we won by 30+ points last night, so both of us were able to get in. tar scored, HOLLA! tomorrow we play mountain crest in the quarter finals. goooooo t-wolves :)



  1. finally i get a post out of you fools. i cant get enough of you two:) i'll be at the game tomorrow! love you.

  2. yay go t-wolves!


    p.s. bruises make you look all the more hard core and intimidating!

  3. oh, i love this. that's to rich.
    ps, thanks for the comment on my blog.
    consider yourself stalked as well girls:)

  4. haha this is so awesome. Same leg and everything!
    Good job on your 30 POINT WIN! You guys are insane. That's amazing, good job!


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