February 5, 2011

mr. c turns 1+3!

today is caden's birthday.
we just got back from the cutest superhero party you ever did see! seriously. those pics you can see later, but for now here's to you caden!


you have the sweetest spirit & the most contageous laugh. you're always filled with so much energy & always helping around grammie's house :) we love it when you say "gekaball" for basktetball & "enja turtles" for ninja turtles. thanks for being the bestest & for always saying "um..YOU TWO!" when we ask who your fav is.
we love you!


aka: ner ners!

1 comment:

  1. oh you guys are so cute!
    I should probably introduce myself after following your blog for sometime now.... :)

    i can't remember how exactly i found you guys...but when i did i loved your blog..

    and all my life....i've secretly always wanted a twin. but who hasn't?

    so...yes, i'm LDS too!
    And i hope your totally not creeped out that i've been following :)


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