February 28, 2011

ode to mom!

today is mom's birthday! HOLLA.

our mom is simply the best. she is an incredibly talented woman. she's sort of like king midus, everything she touches turns to gold! no one can even begin to compare to her, she's just that good with everything she does. she is known and loved by so many people, especially in the wedding business. she's been featured on good things utah a number of times, can turn anything into a song & runs the floral shop at thanksgiving point. she's gone through soooo much & still puts all her trust & faith in the Lord. she's one of the strongest people that we know. one of our favorite things about her is that she can turn anything into a gospel related subject & isn't afraid to bare her testimony, no matter where she is.

love you mom! thanks for everything.

-taryn & taylor

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