February 7, 2011

happy happy birthday tori dear.

wait... a birthday? another one? yuuup, ms. tori ware :) tori is THE NICEST person ever. she's so sweet to e.ver.y.one. i don't understand how she does it. she's like the female version of tanner marsh- she knows everything without being too nosey. people trust her & that such a hard thing to find- especially in high school. thanks for being such a great example to us tor!
we love you!
she had a party today & we were only able to stay for about.. well.. 8 minutes. (we're shaking our fists at basketball practice, which by the way, was not fun today. the lady days make it hard to enjoy doing things that have the words running, or energy because we all know those words make the cramps worse)


all happy birthdays aside..

today was rather.. overwhelming. (which is a common occurance when it's that time of the month) the alarm didn't go off in time. i didn't get to eat breakfast. the weather is wayyy too cold outside. breaking news on the latest drama at THS... w-o-w is all i can say. i can't think straight when trying to learn the other teams plays.. its difficult when we already have to remember 30+. people try to correct me & it just makes me mad. {that big lump formed in my throat. you know, the kind you get when you're sitting in the movie theatre watching the sad movie but you just don't want anyone to see you crying..}
but also
sar told me i looked way cute even though i got ready in 16 minutes this morning. brother christiansen taught a comforting lesson in seminary. medical anatomy, need i say more? having dad make me & tay pb&j sammies & eating lunch with him in his classroom. watching tate play with his friends in daycare. mrs. thomas putting my photo in the art show & telling me how well i did on the shooting assignment. playing with sar & ker, oh how i'm excited to reconnect with them in 2 weeks! going to tori's party and honking at the trillions more guests we see on our way out. rachelle talking to herself when she missed her freethrow. going to the mall & just being crazy with tay! mom bringing us dinner & listening to us complain about school & (cough cough) certain teachers. picking up brooks from work. sky.

i guess this is the post you get when my hormones are going wild. -tar

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  1. hahaha I love you (: and yes, you looked freakin cute today- as always.
    and Tori, isn't she amazing (: I love her. and her party was a blast (: xo


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