January 29, 2012



the busies leave us worn out on sunday afternoons
& due to laziness we're not concerned about spacing on this post.

// twinners.

January 23, 2012


well all, we're sorry for the short absence. 

but remember my brother jensen who's serving the Lord in montana?
(you know.. the one who comes home in 3 weeks- eeeeeep!)
his house burned down the other day.
luckily he wasn't home, but most of his stuff is (burnt) toast.

sad right? but he & his companion are okay. 
and we'll see him verrrry soon :)

-the twinners

January 15, 2012


we went to bargain ball last night. dateless.
we'll be the first to recommend that if you don't get asked to a school dance..
still go! 

we had the funnest time getting our superhero on,
in the photobooth with our friends,
just dancing with ourselves & being idiots.

more to come!

 love, captain america taylor // green lantern taryn

January 12, 2012

January 7, 2012

cosmetologists & mathematicians all at the same time.

taryn can't french braid.
taylor can.

but we're both basically bald.

twin 1's hair + twin 2's ability = happiness.
-t squared

January 4, 2012


being sick + almost the end of term = big fat no no. highly do not recommend that one.
i tried going to school, but that lasted a whopping hour and a half. eeeee.
& just to top it off, i think i got taylor sick too.

but when i came up from my cave-like-bedroom downstairs,
i checked my e-mails & something just brightened my day!

releasing breaking dawn february 11th! cuuh-razy. (you can read the article here)
better believe the nelson sisters are going to get that baby at midnight!

well.. i'm off to sleep some more. maybe dream of edward while i'm at it..


January 1, 2012

happy first day of 2012!



oh boy. looking at old posts & BLESS OUR HEARTS! you could definitely tell that we were rookie bloggers. but none-the-less, here is our year in review!

in january we got in the varsity game & both scored! jensen was still home & we went bowling.

in february our computer broke (like 5 times), our love for justin bieber quintuppled when we saw his movie, basketball gave us identical twinner bruises, & we celebrated mom's birthday.

in march taryn did her little march madness stuff & confessed her love for horses.
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in april taryn made student council, baby rowan was born! & we went to prom.


in may, tay graduated from MATC with her CNA, & we finished our junior year of high school!


in june we went to efy, sky took us to lake powell, & we spent a lot of time at the pool.


in july we went to girls camp, tay finally read the hunger games, & taryn planned her pretend wedding.


in august we had a mini-fam-reunion at sundance & went boating, mom worked her magic & did taryn's dream wedding, & we started our SENIOR YEAR of high school!


in september we went to homecoming, & had our annual nelson family reunion at cherry hill.


in october we attended ya-ya sisterhood with our mom//sisters, & went to sadies!

in november we celebrated our 18th birthday, we went to california with our sisters & attended the breaking dawn premiere!

in december we didn't have snow, confided in our ginger-ness, & celebrated the best christmas ever!

thanks 2011 - you were definitely good to us :)
now, bring on the new year
& party like it's the end of the world!!


// taryn // taylor //

see last years ree-wind here.
keep in mind that we were rookies & had a completely diff. layout!
(hence the teensy-weensy pictures)