January 4, 2012


being sick + almost the end of term = big fat no no. highly do not recommend that one.
i tried going to school, but that lasted a whopping hour and a half. eeeee.
& just to top it off, i think i got taylor sick too.

but when i came up from my cave-like-bedroom downstairs,
i checked my e-mails & something just brightened my day!

releasing breaking dawn february 11th! cuuh-razy. (you can read the article here)
better believe the nelson sisters are going to get that baby at midnight!

well.. i'm off to sleep some more. maybe dream of edward while i'm at it..



  1. that was the best news of the day. feb 11? rob knew.. he just knew! i bet he said "this is for you, nelson girls..."
    hearing that you guys are sick? not the best news of the day ;( feel better! love you.

  2. i love pp girls comment...he knew, he just knew. i love being totally and completely KAZE! the count down is on! glad we are all feeling better...that was no bueno. loves.

  3. Where did you get your comforter! im in love:)


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