October 27, 2011

the tunes, dunes.

{1:47 is obviously the best part}
i just like her a lot. & this song.
if i were ever in a room dancing by myself
this is exactly how it'd go down.

yep, mhmm. good beat, GF!
dancing in her room with no one but the headphones?
been there, do it e'eryday.
the roller coaster? sign me uuupp.



October 23, 2011

aint no party like a sisterhood party!

the fact that we don't have a real camera is really throwing us off,
especially when instagram isn't working in our favor.
last weekend we attended the annual ya-ya sisterhood party up at thanksgiving point. nothing's better then spending time with your family, especially when you have a killer family like ours! 

thanks for the good times mom & sisters,
can't wait for cali!

t-minus 17 days!

- twinners

October 17, 2011

a moment to brag.

we have the cutest niece ever.
we know :)

-t squared

October 11, 2011

"remember how we got to see the best friend last night?"

last night we went to brady's baseball game & we got to talk to him for a little bit after. it was  k i l l e r ! ! we def miss him like.... 134987 times more now. good thing the boy only has a little bit left!

while we were waiting for him to come out of the dug-out {which honestly felt like eternity}sky pointed out that "this is what the millenium is gonna be like." heck, sign me up! i like that feeling.

love & miss you brade. hurry home, husband!

- taryn & taylor

October 10, 2011

we're still alive & kickin it after temporary motherhood

babysitting for a week was solid.

without fail, a long, hot bath would cure the stress of school, children, and homework.
some fresh peaches made up for the lack of nutrition & overload of suger & crap.
college day didn't really help the decision process, but killed the imaginary wallet.


2 claps for e'ery mom on this earth.
you do great things.

-t squared

October 2, 2011

oh, hi television.

you know, it's cool to have dvr. it's sort of our technologic life saver. 'tis the season for new/awesome shows, people. if you aint watchin, you're missin out!

1) new girl. sooofunny! (my team)  zooey  + tv sitcom = why didn't this happen earlier?

Pinned Image

2) the lying game. uum you're leaving us hangin on these intense episode endings. guess that's the secret to more viewers. oh well! we're interested.

Pinned Image

3) revenge. we were late starters, but caught up in about 2 hours. you're intense, too! & we want your beach house.. & money... & boyfriend... & geniusness on how to get back at people.

4) up all night. one word - hilarious! christina applegate, you're our new fav.

we're babysitting our favorite wardies this whole next week!
taryn & taylor + villarini's = party e'eryday!

- t squared