October 2, 2011

oh, hi television.

you know, it's cool to have dvr. it's sort of our technologic life saver. 'tis the season for new/awesome shows, people. if you aint watchin, you're missin out!

1) new girl. sooofunny! (my team)  zooey  + tv sitcom = why didn't this happen earlier?

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2) the lying game. uum you're leaving us hangin on these intense episode endings. guess that's the secret to more viewers. oh well! we're interested.

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3) revenge. we were late starters, but caught up in about 2 hours. you're intense, too! & we want your beach house.. & money... & boyfriend... & geniusness on how to get back at people.

4) up all night. one word - hilarious! christina applegate, you're our new fav.

we're babysitting our favorite wardies this whole next week!
taryn & taylor + villarini's = party e'eryday!

- t squared


  1. Love love love. New Girl is my favorite thing, ever. :)

  2. Ok I watch almost every single one of those shows now! They are my new obsessions too!

  3. hahahah totally feel that way about revenge!


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