September 26, 2011

we love the fall

ideal fall outfit
we love when school gets out two hours earlier than normal,
especially when the lady days decide to come.
two extra hours to cuddle on the couch and watch movies.. who wouldn't love that?
anyway, we're really excited for the next coming season.
and for the nanny job that's coming up in a few weeks.
more money to buy the items above and for our sisters trip to Cali.
bring on the fall.



  1. love love love.
    i'm not normally a fall person, but i'm getting excited for it a lot more this time around.

  2. loove the fall! aw y'all are going to cali? thats sooo much fun! im so jels! :)

  3. those boots are killer! i might just have to get some for myself! and darling blog... excited to be a new follower!!!


  4. i guess if summa has to be over, fall is the best transition. lotsa savin for the sisters trip! i.cant.wait. loves.


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