September 6, 2011

you know, we really are sorry.

oh. my. word. we've always been good at posting.. until now. people are openly stating the fact that we haven't updated in awhile. we can't believe it's come to this! none the less, there are things to talk about here! even though we've been oh so busy, there are no excuses :)

numero uno. jenSTINK!
he's doing SO well. he was just made a zone leader & only has 5-ish months left! we can't wait to have him home. (p.s. read busy bee lauren's post about the church in her life. love it)


numero dos. we dressed the same... again.

"hey tay, what are you wearing tomorrow?"
"oh... (this)"
"no way.. ME TOO!" great minds think alike, eh?

numero tres. "i'm a rebel!!"

did you know that krispy kreme throws away their donuts at night? & they're completely okay with people dumpster diving & retrieving them? unfortunately other people had the same idea & beat us to it, but once again, we learned that being in a group of girls will always get you prizes. (no sleez intended)

all in all.. we love senior year!
-t squared

can we tell you how much we miss our camera? these phone pics are really crampin our style.


  1. they posted!!!!!:)

    i honestly check your blog in particular every single day. to see if you've posted.

  2. Have you ever had a Krispy Kreme burger?? Deeevine!

  3. sorry if i offended you............
    senior year is BOMB.

  4. whhhaaat?!?! i am SO going dumpster diving for some delicious goodness. sounds like your senior year is already off to the best.start.everrr.

    "if i'm not an illustrator in heaven then i'm not going." you girls are hilarious.

  5. haha, i'm in class right now and totally had to keep from totally busting out laughing. that is so funny. you guys are too cute :)

  6. Lovely blog and pictures! I go to school in VT, and theres a chocolate place downtown that throws their extra chocolate away, so people go dumpster diving there all the time, too! So funny! haha :)


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