August 27, 2011

too school for cool

sorry for posting & the lack there-of.
it's been a busy week around these parts.
this week has been filled with ups & downs
(including, we think, the worst day ever)
but that's ok!

we're seniors!

this has already been so much fun.
it's been filled with events such as:
del taco for luch e'ery day, friends,
homecoming (YEEAAH), friends, football,
friends, school, stomps & oh.. friends!

first day of school:

"hello, my life sucks" day:

some senior romance/football game action...

& some serious stompin' after the football game.
we love being seniors 'cause we can dance like idiots
& not have to care :)

the senior girls are here to party all year long :)

- taryn & taylor

p.s. love me some iPhone pictures, right?


  1. I'm really glad I found your blog. You guys are just the cutest. :)

  2. you two are so freaking cute.

  3. Aw y'all are such cuties! I love your red hairr!

  4. Love it! Hope your last year in HS is one to remember. :) Y'all are waaay too cute.

  5. yayyyy! i'm posted twice. ahhhh heart this. SENIOR YEAR!!!!!!!

  6. you two girls are killing me with your adorablness! How have I not found your blog yet in the blogosphere! Loving it! New follower over here :)


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