August 3, 2011

i can't feel my feet & my eyes are getting heavier by the second.


let's just say volenteering to chase after balls little children have thrown accross the park wasn't the funnest booth to man. they said i'd get to run the mph gun & meet dale murphy.

no gun.. no murphy.

oh well, it was fun.

now here are some randoms.

1. playing croquet with the cousins.
2. re-doing my magnetic board!
3. cut down the ol' pine tree, TIMBEERR!
4. extra magazines lying around? send them my way.
5. $0.49 bean & cheese with extra green sauce.
6. (lovin pizza right now) peperoni & artichoke from the wasatch brewery. yummm.

& annie said....

"I do not care that every day of my life is not full of events, dates, or plans."


that's all the randoms for now.

p.s. i absolutely want/need this. & i'm doing everything in my power to win.


  1. is it bad that I wanna trade in my blackberry for an iPhone just so I can instagram?

  2. I love this. If only iPhones weren't touchscreen :/ The wood photo is gorge!


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