May 31, 2011


you guys. we took our very last final today! can't believe school is OVVVAA! a little bittersweet, but mostly sweet because let's be honest - junior year wasn't a pleaser. it's the moment we've been waiting for since the tardy bell rang to first period on august 25. summer. we have some serious plans with sarah & kerbi {& when we say serious, we mean SERIOUS} this summer is going to be unlike any other. so, throw your hands up & shout the hallelujah chorus 'cause some serious things are about to go down.


- taryn & taylor


i discovered/realized some new things this weekend.

 i'm in project mode.

 zooey deschanel is totally my team.
forever & always.


absolutely can not wait for her new show!

 we heart it.
new obsession for sure. i really am so inspired by everything & it just makes me want to create.

 this is going to be the summer of a lot of
things. but mostly projects.

a) me & tay are going to finish re-decorating our bedroom. b) i'm going to be making a lot of new things. art mostly. i just want to learn new stuff & be better at making things so i will most def. be experimenting a lot!


yeeeeah bro.



  1. we heart it is the BEST huh?! i loooove it. when i found it, i fell in love. its the best thing EVER!!!

    congrats on finishing junior year!

    and goodluck your SENIOR YEAR!! :)

  2. OH YEAH! we will be partying this summer... like you have NEVER partied before :) i love you both with all of me.

  3. i'm so sorry you have discovered weheartit.
    seriously if i could have a tracker of how many hours i've wasted on that website. man.. haha soo worth it though.
    but hey. i love you.
    can we play this summmer please?


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