May 13, 2011

it's friday, FRIDAY!!!

gotta get down on friiidaaay!


highly inappropriate.
'specially when it's friday the 13th.

life is great.

i got to take more pictures of tay. {but this time, i didn't use those NASTY filters. i don't like filters - i'm more of a natural photo kinda girl.} i used my photo class as an excuse, but i really wanted to take pictures of her new hair do. :)

then i hopped in 'cause i wanted to.

- taryn -

p.s. did you see the the glee cast version of friday ?! love it.


  1. we so excited. we're gunna have a ball tonight!

    love you two- so cute!

  2. freaking cutest twins, eveeeer! love you girls.

  3. #1. ADORABLE. everytime i see a picture of you two i just die inside cause you're basically the cutest twins alive.

    #2. what camera do you use?!

    #3. where is that grove thing!?

  4. you guys are the cutest twins, love the pics, and the new hair!!

  5. I love, love, love the new hair. Seriously too cute. And I love y'alls outfits. You gals have such great style. :)

  6. All I'm saying, is that it's good to have a noticeable difference between you two, and now I can tell you apart and not scare Taylor when I'm looking for Taryn (since I'm only acquainted with one of the twins... haha)

    Love this blog and I LOVE your pictures. I love taking pictures and always love to enjoy other people's styles. You are fantastic. :)


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